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Danna says:
C'mon, It's funny - you know it is. It's HALLOWEEN and we wanted something sinister and spooky. But, well, we failed miserably because we kept laughing.

Being the Original Magickal Perfumerie™ we work so hard on crafting with the proper ingredients, the proper moon phases, and making sure that each potion has the proper attention given to it to be the best smelling, and the finest crafted, magickally precise formula you will ever experience, that we sometimes forget to laugh - way too loudly! So, we made a FUN brew of a Root Beer Float ~ fresh old-fashioned root beer with a touch of Sasparilla, and two big scoops of slow churned, hand-cranked vanilla bean ice cream.

But what to call it?
Hmmm...ya know, dead men float.
HA! HA! Dead Man's Float! The perfect drink for that hot zombie party! Hey, it's fun, and it's so yummy and reminiscent of the old fashioned recipe. It's spicy and creamy and a perfect Autumn treat! Raise a glass and rattle your bones! Remember - it's perfume, don't drink it, but you'll want to!


Created by: Mara & Danna

Label art: Mara Fox

September 2007


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