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Before Santa began to appear, it was the great God Odin (with his long white beard) who came around each year on his flying horse, Sleipnir!


Children would leave their boots outside the door, stuffed to the brim with food for the horse, and Odin rewarded the considerate kiddies by replacing the food with gifts and candy!  


The source of both the Santa Claus legend, and the tradition of the Christmas stocking. Odin, the Norse pantheon All-Father, is a complex God - embodying wisdom, for which he sacrificed his eye, as well as justice, victory, prophecy, poetry, war, magic and death. One can easily picture him on his flying horse Sleipnir, sailing through the frozen Germanic tundra spotted with evergreen and frost, and leaving treats for the children in their proffered boots and stockings, much like today's Santa and his reindeer.

The scent of this wonderful wintery blend (which both women and men will enjoy), speaks in Odin's voice: bold, smart, commanding, protective and kind.


MISTLETOE ~ Protection, love, fertility, health, exorcism.
IVY ~ Protection, sex, divination, healing, stamina.
HOLLY ~ Aphrodisiac, promotes beauty; for consecration, foresight, strongly protective, luck.


Created by: Mara Fox

Label art: Ravon of Witchway

November 2007


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