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A citrus and floral delight - each and every ingredient chosen for its mythical ability to bestow the best of luck on the wearer!


Earlier this year, I was invited to talk about magic - fact, fiction and folklore - with a class full of people at Northridge College. One of the things they asked about was a potion written about in a very popular novel, in which imbibing the potion would pretty much give you the luckiest day of your life. Could I make something like that, in perfume form? Well, it was too fun an idea to pass up, so I researched the lore, myths and legends, and came up with the following ingredients as the strongest and most enduring choices for bringing luck. The end result is lemony, with a blend of Tea Rose and Daffodil on the top, rounded out with a body of Arabian Sandalwood, Oak Moss and Roman Chamomile. Beautiful and uplifting - can be worn anytime, anywhere, and may it bring you the best of Luck!

Daffodil and Tea Rose - both for drawing Good Luck.
Oak Moss, Bergamot, Arabian Sandalwood and Violet - all for Luck, Riches and Success.
Heather - for new beginnings and elemental magic.
Green Tea - for confidence, command, strength, wisdom and courage, (for the courage and wisdom to use the power wisely and well).


Created by: Mara Fox

Label art:

Blessings for the New Year trilogy, December 2007


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