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A personal power booster for the strong independent female. Florals, Resins and Spices chosen for their popularity in that age and for their properties: confidence, personal power, and protection. 


During WW1, patriotic females were forced out of their safe haven of home comforts and placed in jobs abandoned by their fighting mates. After the war, these woman found that they did not wish to go back to the kitchen - they were just as good as their counterparts at "male" jobs and enjoyed the freedoms afforded to men, such as more comfortable clothing, drinking, smoking, and sexual expression. They cut their hair and raised their hemlines, and DARED to experience the first taste of freedom afforded to women in modern memory.

This scent is not only an ode to the bravery they exhibited in defying convention, but also a potion to help enable you to do the same. It's bold and  slightly, daringly, androgynous. Elegant, and evocative of the rich, classic perfumes of the era.


Prominent notes include: Lady of the Night, climbing Florals, Damascus Rose, Sweet and Black Ambers, Red Musk, spicy Neroli and Pepper, and a variety of Woods.


Created by: Mara Fox

Label art: F X Leyendecker

February 2008


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