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Newbie & Questions about Where to Put Pheromones


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I read that the product needs heat/frictionon to work, but I'm really unsure about where I put the pheromones since I'm rather skinny and it doesn't seem to evenheat up. I bought some items from the phermonite sale and I want to try using them with my favorite perfumes in hopes they work better, but I have a lot of samples of different products that really do nothing for me. I'm not sure wear to put them for them to heat up and really work.


Also, if this has been mentioned ... please refer me to any thread. 

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Hi & welcome. Unless you are dead you have body heat. (Never heard the thing about friction, lol) 

You mentioned the sale so you have the pheros in an oil base with the dropper bottle. Where you put them does have a bit to do with which phero blends you bought. The seriously sexual blends like Sexpionage, Blatant Invatation, LAM/BAM anything heavy with copulins you dont want by your face. Its not the image tou want to project. So cop heavy blends... Id start with 3-4 inch line on my torso, smoosh it around with my wrist/s let it dry 15-20 min then dress. If you want a bit more a single drop in your cleavage is great. For the more social blends forearms, clevage, neck all work well. With oil I like to put a line on the back of my neck thats a good spot to diffuse. Just start out with the less is more policy make a note of how much you use. It takes a little practice to find your sweet spot. 

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