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  1. This has aged very well. I put this on today, as I am avoiding anything phero until by physiology settles down. I get a much more musky forward fragrance. The peach is one of my favs ever. It's young and a bit green. But not tart or sour as some of the other green peach notes have played out on my skin. Or maybe its the way the other notes balance it out. I think the red clover is more prominent to my nose now. To me it lends a warm hazy note to the musk that brings the Summer Dance musk to mind. With all this I stil get that firm peach, faint floral and green aspect with drips of that semi animalic honey here and there. Grr. Definately a fragrance that makes me want to go outside a throw a ball for the dog and have some type of idealic picnic. Or if I can't get the outside time I can carry a bit of it on my skin. What a lift. If a fragrance ever begged for OW & a dab of cops together, this is it.
  2. Yes. Very true. I think this was the first single molecule I bought. Although I always have Topper on hand. I like the option of straight DHEAS. For me, the sweet spot is usally 1 or 2 sprays. It all depends on how I'm feeling that day. I have gone 3 & 4 sprays. 4 was far too much for me. When I wear it with a blend, my favorite combos are with EOW, EST, CB, LAM, Sexology & it's intresting with TH too.
  3. Lol. oh I loved N. California. Miss it.
  4. I was so serious. I really want one though. Actually I saw a "love seat" but it was like a "love chaise". It was soo cool. That's what I need. To be able to comfortably faint or chill on something like that. Haaa. I actually need one right now. I've just had my first drink in 3 months. Its 88° out. I am feeling it. Lol. Quite the buzz
  5. I love that. Now that the little beasts are basically adults its hard to get a game going. How do you do it online?
  6. I grabbed this one, thinking it was the Original. I like this rendition. But, not as much as the original. Except for the lavender, I am not sure which note it is, there is a note that is very bright on my skin. It tends to overtake the scent and me. Its not terrible. But, it pokes at me. It can get intrusive. Fragrance wise this version is not as soothing on my skin. But, it is restorative. That pokey note makes it a bit more invigorating which is ok. But not quite the effect I was looking for based off the origional.
  7. I never saw this. Its pretty easy though. On a man... #1 Dark Desires Then in no particular order; Tonka Musk Top Dog H200 oh (you know what I mean) Lucero Xavier Pinnacle ILori (sp?) Probably 1 or 2 I am forgetting.
  8. Please keep telling me this... I practically needed a fainting couch yesterday. Seriously. I know shit happens. I was like, Aww when I heard about Bang. But, I knew I'd survive. But, GOTCHA is my total jam in a specific area and nothing else does that. My heart litterally started beating fast. It is just so magically effective for me. Sorry to get hysterical, can't help it. Breathing.. in...out... None in shop. I looked immediately when I saw this topic here. Just trying to stay calm now.
  9. StacyK

    Toujours Belle

    IKR! Its AMAZING at that point. On my skin that lasts a good while too. Very grrr...
  10. Ha ha.... This one is so intresting. I keep going back to the vial for a sniff.
  11. StacyK

    Tangy Ylang 2019

    Are you sure you are not going scent blind? It happens without even knowing it. I have been going long stretches, fragrance free, related to health issues. I can tell you that when I put on fragrance now, I instinctively use far less than I did. I did not even realise it at first. I get more off subtle fragrances than I did before. Some last noticeably longer etc. I'm using far less over all with all scents. I also get over powered with too much scent. Overall, I feel like its given me a new appreciation for perfume. Maybe take a week off to reset your nose. Just to make sure.
  12. Omg. I missed that in the "SS4W" discussion. I would have bought a ton if back stock had I known. I am totally devastated by this. I can do without the others or find subs. But, Gotcha was my win, win! The secret weapon. I just can't... omg
  13. @Potion Master is Gotcha still available? 🤔
  14. On my skin, this is the Frenchy of the collection. I really get a French parfume here. Like I just wandered into some petit magasin a paris and bought a little bottle of indy perfume. The almond is on top at first. The other notes are tightly woven and I get that smooth, light base of patch drift up a moment later. The longer dry down is something of a close embrace with foody and non-foody notes tightly intertwined together. The Ylang and cream are more of a feeling. All so discreetly settled together on my skin. This is what light and weighty feel like together. Very yin/yang. The fragrance insists on being present. But, is not overbearing. Its not trying to define me. IMO its almost a part of the LP variant type. LP French? Romantic, sweetly sophicated, pretty and smooth.
  15. Yup. You nailed it exactly. God reading that was like a bad flash back. Flash forward a few years an he's gonna wonder why you are not sentimental or wanting to talk to him at all, unless its really pertinent to the kids. I'm so sorry that moment was marred for you. I have had my share. It can be a messy business. Just focus on the kids and try to be happy. If you ever try B22 around him let us know. There should be a totally seperate thread about pheros and divorced ex's or ex's with kids. As in we are done! What works in that tough spot. I am not talking about trying to get them back and that shit. Probably needs to be in a journal. Lol In my experience its endless. I think with ADHD it is too easy to find another part of that road to go down once you finish the 1st project. For me it almost always happens before I finish #1. Make sure you do before and after photos, at least so you can see your hard work.
  16. Glad you scored a bottle. I love HE. Definately wear it around the ex if he's a button pusher. I like any of the 3 relaxing blends around the ex. MLH or Dom work for me too. If it get's really bad try the B2. I know its hard. Its a situation that took me a long time to settle into. Then, I can't say why, maybe time? Its like a switch flipped. Maybe, i was tired of caring at all. But, I was like.. enough. I dont feel it anymore. The last text he sent me that pissed me off, I was getting off work and there's this shit on my phone. Some all of a sudden faux caring bullshit abought my daughter. I. Could feel my BP rising, I was tired. I thought nope not tonight. Then later there was a text something like "Did you hear me?" Like he has a MF'kin right to talk to me like that. Like WTF? So... I after about 2 days. I wanted think about it. I sent him an email. I briefly & not too politely, laid out the reason I didn't care for his tone. He did NOT talk to me like that. The end. Then I told him he was not to text me. He was to email me only. That's it. I basically suspended him for a year. After that, I have had 2 texts from him. It was ok for that instance. But, it's not at all a habit now and that's a good thing. There are a few different Jasmine types. There's one I dont like. Thank god its not in here. Maybe you can distract your guy. Go on a bike ride or something. At least tell him to leave your desk. You have it like you like it 😁
  17. I agree with Luna about slathering and intensity. Seaside Sizzle is da bomb... I could not do Pherodise. But, I loved the lable. 😙 I love cocoa butter. It seems to me, sometimes, cocoa butter and certain florals don't go together on my skin. I wonder if that is contributing to the issues here. I think that's what went wonky with Pherodise. I never had the heart to say it. I didn't want to ruin it for others. But, on me, Pherodise smelled like the place I took my dog to bathe her. Like when it was cleaned. Not a bad smell, but pretty much right on the nose. I like the place but... I thought those posts would merge.
  18. This one is nice out of the vial. Fun, warm, bright. First on I get a bright burst of fruity/floral. On my skin, after dry down, I get a note that pricks my nose. Its not piercing, almost the opposite. A note that has bugged me before. Almost fruity, but off. Its gotta be the cactus. It happens. Fragrances with cactus and cactus type fruits do this to me. I feel like yea, I can do this. Then humm does it smell funny? Do people notice that? It becomes almost pungent on my skin. If only it was aloe. The BFF I made right here at LP. I'm on the fence. I mean myrrh, Hedione honeysuckle...I love those notes. I imagine this without the cactus and feel the cheery bright youthful glow. Humm. I will retry.
  19. StacyK

    Chant du Lac

    Oh my, this is amazing. Beautiful!! A disclaimer first. I almost completely disregarded this. Rose doesn't work for me. I can get a skin reaction anywhere from ichy to raised welts. I am still in love with "Summer Belle". I'm thinking how much I'd love another dewy summer melon scent, the hint of earth, exchanging grass for flowers. But sadly, rose. Not expecting this to work, that one note. I carefully applied a very wet swipe in one spot, I did not smoosh around. Just in case I have to wash it off fast. Out of the vial I smell wet lily and melon on top of the perfume. It's gorgeous! Really a skin scent on me. Moist, pretty and exquisitely blended. I wait for the rose to irritate me. Nothing. Mmmm I am still enjoying this. Perhaps the subtle French version of Summer Belle. Pretty, soft, refined. Yet still getting that outside mist of floral, melons and in the later drydown a faint touch of earth. The rose came forward in the LONG DRYDOWN. It did not dominate the scent. It never irritated me. Everything mingled nicely. At this point I have a soft skin scent. I want to believe I smell like this naturally. I want a FB or 2. But, I need to try a more liberal test. Very excited about the possibility. Try this ladies. I love it. Not to sound like an ad from the 60s.. I cannot think of a man who would not be inclined to breathe you in wearing this. Ohh I wish @Black Cat were around to squeee over this.
  20. StacyK

    Toujours Belle

    This is very sultry. I can get why its in the summer collection. If only to add variety to all the lighter, fruity brighter summer notes. Imaging this on my skin on a humid summer night . I get more "exotic" than incense. I kind of want to throw on a saree and let the warm sun heat up my tummy. A drop or two of cops would be very sweet in this. But, that long dry down is too much and by that I mean too good. Its pretty OMG. I put a swipe of this in the crook of my arm. So I huffed it all night and the long dry down is TDF. I kind of wonder, what if Mara had put a wet steamy note in here. Add steam & It will be a total summer SLF. I can get the "fall spiced scent" off this. I am one of those "other people". The one who starts counting down to FALL right after July 4th. Labor Day? Please.. I am long past summer by then. This is also a total win for a wax melt.
  21. Heart & Soul is one of my all time fav social/snuggly pheros. As Eggers said it IS the "sweetheart" phero. I also get great selifies from it. I feel exactly like I'm 22 when I wear it. Not 18 not 23. 22, young, cute, a bit sexy, happy, social, pretty, nubile, bondy... you get it. What you describe is very H&S in terms of hits. Now the warning... & why I did not recomend for dealing with the cheer moms. As I said above I love H&S. Hits are great. They are so easy to spot too. Most of all, I love da selfies I get. But... Pheros are contextual. As you saw with Cougar. I bought TH and H&S at the same time. I was sooo very enamoured of H&S. I did not get those jazzy selifies with Treasured Hearts. So in the beginning it was all Heart and Soul. Which was great, most of the time. Back then, I was in the school situation similiar to you. Sometimes I would get weird responses when wearing H&S. Now I had been around some of these women before. So the difference was vexing. I thought I should be getting better, right. My actual friends great. Some others, nice! But, damn bitchy, competitive moms or any other women of that type. Also, someone that I thought was secure ... wtf? What I'm saying is that IMO, because H&S gives off that youthful sweetie vibe it can occasionally flip the switch of those too easily threatened by another woman. Not as intense but in a way, I felt like it was the the phero equilvancy to wearing cops around some women. Now of course, this is not a hard and fast rule & results can vary by user. I just want to give the heads up because of the mom pack you deal with. Other than that little hitch, I love the effervescent Heart & Soul.
  22. This is very homme dans le frais. Guys!! Get this and wear it for your SO. The dry down umm. Its fancy shaving cream clean. It must be the labdanum, rose, citrus & mint giving me that. All are pretty common in shaving cream. I want to huff this on his chest after a bit of a dry down. Just 1 spritz on your chest and let the Hedione lead her (me) in by the nose. I am thinking X Mass gifts here.
  23. StacyK

    Velours Frais

    I love LPMP Carnation. If I had Balls or Ovums I would say this grabed me by them hard at first. * NOTE. I slathered too liberally. It started off a unisex Carnation, strong and a little spicy. Yes guys, try a sample. I love carnations on a man . After about 15ish mins. It mellows and some of the other notes pop through. As are all these scents, the notes are seamlessly & smoothly interwoven. Carnation is the top note and stays. But, it mellows and blends into a simply georgous scent. Classy & Sophicated come to mind here. If you don't overdose. I get a truly amazing unisex (yes even after drydown) scent. Go anywhere with it. I want to wear it to Italy and dance in a fountain. Then I want to give a bottle to a hot Italian guy! Very compatible with PM. I could feel OW too. FB. CIAO!
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