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A fruit-filled, pheromone-enhanced, mood-elevating HAPPINESS potion.


Allegro means cheerful and lively, which describes this lively little cheerfulness potion perfectly. This potion's overflowing with the scent of assorted yummy fruits that can't help but lift your spirits, but just to make extra sure, we've added a splash of the mood elevating pheromone, Alpha-Androstenol from Androtics Research.


Danna was inspired to create this potion after reading the poem L’Allegro, by John Milton. It’s an ode to Euphrosyne, the Goddess of Joy, and speaks of a joyous life.

When crafting Allegro, we recalled hearing how many ladies enjoyed wearing our Phero Boy potion, telling us that the Alpha-Androstenol in it worked as a mood elevator, and when we experimented with it ourselves in that capacity, found that it was absolutely true. The day we tested it was a day of laughter for us and everyone we encountered - what fun! So, to top off our sparkling fruity blend, we couldn't resist adding a light splash of Alpha-Androstenol from Androtics Research.
A bold, long-lasting perfume, Allegro boasts a cornucopia of delectible fruits - Pear, Guava, Nectarine, Apricot, Lychee, Melons, Berries, a spritz of Citrus, a touch of watery Greens, and topped off with a light sprinkling of sugar and cinnamon. A combination designed for love, light and laughter!


Created by: Danna Taylor

Label art: detail from "The Wandering Moon" by William Blake

March 2008

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