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A potion for feeling brave when you're not.  For when you have to deal with things that make you nervous or scared, but it's crucial for you to appear calm, confident, and in control. For when you need to stand up for yourself in the face of intimidation. For times when there's no one to lean on and you have to be your own knight in shining armor.


This potion was designed to bolster self-confidence, encourage a calm but alert state, and encircle you with a halo of protection. A collection of bold and confident woody notes, and sweetened resins for protection, courage and pure mettle.  Musks, Mosses and Woods for confidence, courage and conveying a commanding presence; an assortment of Resins for protection, guard against evil, and calming; plus a layer of sweetness for arousing protective instincts and sympathetic likeability towards the wearer.


Created by: Mara Fox

Label art: Mara Fox

March 2008

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