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Like a Turkish dream……

The heat is incredible, and the noise, your eyes dart back and forth akin to watching an centuries old tennis match of vendors, buyers, children, bright colors, and all the while, you can only see it out of the corner of your eye. There it is again, it bobs up and down, in time with a far off drum. Is it an umbrella? A Sultan's carpet laden litter? No, it's moving its head - it's a circus!

The circus train travels through the streets, the elephants bounce balls of yarn and fabric back and forth to each other, seemingly wild Arabian war-mares rear and whinny as their riders garbed in swirling silks and linen raise gold gilded spears high in the air. Acrobats jump, summersault, and dance behind the horses, and then she appears; festooned in silks too fine for this world, she is astride a giraffe, the air around her crisp, yet seductive.


Softly swirling rose, sugary lemon crème, and a dash of mint with Indian attars will have your dreaming of Indian Bazzars, Sultan's dens and the promise of another land.


Rare imported Indian Attars added to a delicious taste of candy sweetness. Fans of our sold out 'Belly Dancer Blend' Raqs Sharqi will love this one as well!


Magical Properties: Love, Seduction, Sensuality, Enticement, Sex, Glamour, Confidence, Zest.


Created by: Mara & Ail

Description: Danna Taylor

Label art: "The Nectarine" - F X Leyendecker 

April 2008


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