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Spanish Gold


The beauty of Spain, submerged like sunken treasure along with flakes of pure 24 karat, edible quality gold!  The actual label for this perfume is CLEAR, the better to view the hypnotic flakes of gold floating within!

Everyone has a special place that they can't forget. A haunting memory of a time that was so special, so beautiful, so powerful...

It was a time of Galleons, of romance, of adventurers heading off to trade, finding new worlds, and bringing back gold for their Queen.


Gold flakes within lend magickal powers of prosperity and abundance, fertile flowers of Olive, Stephanotis, Hibiscus and Lady of the Night Blossoms, Herbs, Wine and Citrus cast a spell of timelessness and riches. Transport yourself, find your treasure...


This wonderful fragrance was conceived by forum member, *May*! She painted such a longingly beautiful image of her love of Spain, that we instantly became obsessed with her idea for a potion entitled "Spanish Gold". We've spent the past 6 months hunting down ingredients as she described to make this perfume, combining all of the elements present in that wistful and romantic memory, and made a beautiful perfume out of them.


Created by: Mara & May

Label art: Mara Fox

April 2008

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