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An ancient philosophical concept by where all the elements of creation are distilled into 9 perfect musical notes. We've translated that celestial chord into perfume notes, that when blended lead one on a wonder of harmonious discovery. A meditation inducing scent, an ancient and comforting aroma, in which you can sense all the elements of creation...the music of the cosmos. This fragrance may be worn by both women and men.


The philosophy from which this potion is based is known as Hermeticism, and dates back to before the common era. It is the basis for Alchemy, and its tenets can be found today within Christianity, Kabbalism, Buddhism, Neo-Paganism and Astrology, and is clearly recognizable in the practices of the modern Masons and the Mormons.

It's a fascinating study, because the philosophy seems to have been embraced by the church, presumably because it supports the theory of a supreme being, while at the same time, the concepts seem rather blasphemous because it states that god-like power of creation is something anyone could accomplish if one simply knew the right ingredients, measures, and recipe to follow.

This fragrance evolved from one such alleged recipe, and the result is a mesmerizing essence that seems steeped in ancient, forbidden mystical knowledge.

Music of the Spheres is, on one plane, deeply exotic and incensey; but one can also perceive the notes of water, air, earth and woods - an enthralling concoction that can be worn by both women and men.


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May 2008


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