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It's back! A dark and sinister valentine.. Four kinds of Dead Red Roses, turned earth, blood red Merlot, New Orleans Spices.  For both Men and Women.


This is an excessively sensual potion...and it hardly gets any more Goth than this. Imagine a sweat soaked night in New Orleans, wrapped in the arms of a voraciously sexual Vampire.  


Wine and Dead Roses™ is very much about atmosphere, it's dark and it's seductive, it's spectacularly moody. I created it as an atmospheric to accompany my writing, and it turned out perfect for the aura I was trying to summon. It had to have wine, blood red, dark, spicy wine. Earth was also very important in this blend because I wanted the musty coolness of fresh earth to temper the spicy wine. Roses have always surrounded me, every garden I have ever had just had tons of Roses, so I added a touch of 4 different kinds. I love wearing this out and about, I get more people asking me if I know I remind them of a heroine in a Hammer film - Yes, as a matter of fact, I do.


Prominent Notes: Roses, Earth, Merlot, Resins and Spices.


Created by: Danna Taylor

Description: Danna Taylor

Label art: Mara Fox

February 2009


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