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Sugared Egyptian Musk


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Sugared Egyptian Musk


In bottle: very, very sweet, fruity and juicy sweet, with subtle musk.

On skin: mmm, this is very pretty! I was fearing that this would be oversweet like the last two sugared scents I tried (Vanilla Mint and Honeycomb) but this is very nice! The sugar is fruity and sweet and syrupy, it does smell like sugar cane with it's fresh, juicy, cool scent, I also smell white sugar, candy sweet and crystalline. The Egyptian musk in here is of the subtle kind, a soft skin scent underneath all the sugar that is definitely there but isn't obvious. I smell the telltale skin scent of it, warm and slightly fresh-tangy, but it's the sugars that are dominant for now…it also prevents the scent from becoming too cavity-inducing. There's also an interesting reedy aspect to the scent which reminds me of papyrus, funnily enough. There's a wetness, makes me think of reeds and sugar cane growing by the Nile. This is very different from Sugared E. Sandalwood. Whilst that one was more of a caramel/brown sugar scent with a dry, headier, oriental feel, an evening scent, this one is a candied white sugar scent with a lighter, breezier and wetter scent to it-more of a summery daytime scent. it is gorgeously sugary but never too sweet, it's like a gentle candy floss with that subtle brush of Egyptian musk which at times reminds me of light EM incense. I love this one!


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