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  1. Lunantishee In vial: mmm, cake and marzipan…but also a bit of wood or twigs? On skin: oh, I like this. It’s mainly a scent of almond Madeleine cakes. Or maybe cherry bakewells? It smells like almond cakes with marzipan on top and cherries. It’s delicious! However I also smell rosewood (which in here smells like rosehips) and also something else-a very authentic outdoorsy plant scent of hedgerows. I think that’s blackthorn? It smells like twigs and berries growing in the wild. It smells very English, like the English countryside, hedgerows with thorns and berries and some flowers too, with a
  2. Nothing here. I emailed Mara about it. I ordered mid-March but no monthly sampler (it's just a bottle of Time Travel).
  3. I'm very confused...I ordered in mid-March and still haven't got a shipping notice. I got an email about two weeks ago saying they got my order and will ship 'soon', but no actual shipping notice was given. I emailed on Monday, I think, to ask if it was sent yet but no reply. I hope Mara and Danna are ok...are they really busy at the moment? Usually shipping notices come really quickly. Do they sometimes ship without sending a shipping email as well?
  4. Sogni Incantati In vial: marshmallows and vanilla beans! On skin: I don’t smell much anise, but I do smell lots of creamy vanilla, fluffy marshmallows and white sugar! A little bit of something like almond as well. This is delicious! It smells fluffy and soft and incredibly endearing. Gourmand but not cloying. It reminds me strongly of a body scrub I have, which is marshmallow scented and full of real vanilla seeds, little dots of black in a creamy scrub. It smells of vanilla marshmallows. And not too dissimilar to this scent. though this does seem to go a tiny, tiny bit plastic on the skin,
  5. Musk in the Pixie Dust In bottle: a fruity, almost melony sugar. It reminds me of Sugared E-Musk, but pinker. On skin: fruity melon-scented sugar, a touch of candy floss, some strawberry sugar, some white sugar, and Egyptian musk. This is very pretty! It’s a sparkly scent, bright and sweet and playful. Once dry, it gains a more strawberry-scented smell, like strawberry lollipops. This smells just like pink crystals of sugar-a rush of sweetness and candied fun! The musk is gentle and skin-scented, very subtle, if anything, it seems to ground the sugar a little. The scent then settles into a r
  6. Sugared Magi In bottle: Sugared Frank ‘n Myrrh with greenish sweet fig. On skin: ooh, this is lovely. It smells very similar to Sugared Frank & Myrrh but with the sweet, syrupy brown figs of Holle! I love resins and I love it when fig scents are sweet and dark, and this has both those elements. There is a hint of sharp-ish green to the fig, but it’s not bad at all. For now the resins are smelling a little bit pine-y and sugar dominated, but if this is like F&M, I know they’ll eventually mellow into a glorious smoky incense, and the fig will sweeten too. As the scent dries…the fig act
  7. Time Travel! I wonder if that stuff will work with dreams too? I find I tend to astral travel, unintentionally, in my dreams. (I have had some deja-vu experiences related to dream astral travel!) Though I tend to travel in space rather than time...maybe this stuff will enhance these experiences? And I so need a Resolution potion. I've given up making new year ressies because I break them within a minute of making them!
  8. Immortal Beauty In vial: sweet fruit and a touch of something earthy, and some coffee too? On skin: this is a strange one, but I think I like it! It smells of coffee, and also of bright fruit salad. I can smell the apple (a crisp and tart green apple) and also some mango, some plums as well…maybe a hint of sweet juicy melon? I think I also smell some neroli. It’s an intriguing blend. All the fruit notes contrast with the darker, bitter note of the coffee. I think I can also smell spices, but I can’t say exactly what spices they are. I’m very curious to know what Egyptian immortality spices a
  9. Lioness In vial: orange! And a bit of cream and amber…it reminds me of Fairy Lure. On skin: ooh, now the tobacco comes out, the woods and the incense notes, and the golden notes of honey and amber. this now smells incredibly sophisticated, warm and luminous. Tangy orange and mature tobacco take the lead, backed up with sweet cream, honey, amber, sandalwood and myrrh, with a bit of spikenard adding a wonderful ‘ancient incense’ feel to it all. The scent is dry and golden, evoking images of sunsets over the savannah. It’s also a very regal scent, and it smells confident and strong. Not a wild
  10. Native Soil In vial: this is sweet, surprisingly sugary. I think I smell amber and cinnamon. On skin: hmm, this is strange. I do smell the sandalwood, the cinnamon and possibly the amber. But where’s the frankincense and incense? What I do get is something very odd…a kind of sugary bubblegum scent. What the? It smells almost like grape sweets? I have no idea why I get that. The sweetness definitely smells like a fruity sugar note though, not the deeper sweetness I get from amber. However, it seems that the scent develops and the cinnamon becomes dominant. It’s a mix of fiery cinnamon with dr
  11. Till Death… In vial: burnt wood, old wood, incense, smoke. On skin: copal! Lots of lovely copal, and this blend really shows it off and makes this intriguing resin note more recognisable to me. now I know what copal smells like on it’s own (or lightly supported by other notes). It’s a lovely dry resin, crumbly and smoky, a bit like frankincense but a tad sweeter, a little less piercing, or piercing in a different way? I’d say copal was more citron-like and frankincense leans more towards pine resin as a scent. I think I also smell the oud, which is what adds extra smoke and spice to the scen
  12. Carpe Noctum In vial: creamy, spicy vanilla. It reminds me of the Christmas Cookies scent, but a bit less foody. On skin: now the woods and musk come out more and this stops smelling foody, and turns into a wonderfully sophisticated vanilla. There’s nothing buttery to the vanilla now. I love the combination of vanilla with woods and this is another good one in the genre. I am reminded of BPAL Antikythera Mechanism, except, this doesn’t have tobacco, and is a lot spicier thanks to that wonderful clove note, which adds creamy spicy warmth to this scent. Vanilla and woods and a hint of sexy, so
  13. Mummy Chunks In vial: there’s a milk note that could sour on me…but the chocolate cookie smell is very realistic. On skin: now it smells like heavy condensed milk, but I also smell cookie dough and milk chocolate chips. I’m not sure whether I like this or not. On the one hand, this really does smell like cookies and the scent of milk chocolate in here is spot on. It also reminds me strongly of cocoa butter, this scent…a bit like the Palmers cocoa butter lotion. But on the other hand, the milk note seems to waver towards the sour end of the spectrum, and one of the sweet notes is going very c
  14. A LOLcat scent!!! Well, almost. But I'm really interested in Sugared Magi, the new fae one and Stealing Christmas just from names alone!
  15. Soul Food In vial: mmm, sweet benzoin, aged paper and resin. On skin: oh, now I smell cinnamon…and vanilla? This is a lot sweeter than I expected. Like there’s vanilla in here. Maybe it’s the benzoin. Whatever it is, this is really beautiful. the frankincense and myrrh are fainter than expected, but the scents I get here are sweet benzoin and sandalwood with a touch of spicy cinnamon. There is a lovely smokiness from the incense notes but it is subtle. Something about this also smells like old paper that has absorbed the scent of incense and resins. It’s really gentle as a scent, serene and
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