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  1. Sogni Incantati In vial: marshmallows and vanilla beans! On skin: I don’t smell much anise, but I do smell lots of creamy vanilla, fluffy marshmallows and white sugar! A little bit of something like almond as well. This is delicious! It smells fluffy and soft and incredibly endearing. Gourmand but not cloying. It reminds me strongly of a body scrub I have, which is marshmallow scented and full of real vanilla seeds, little dots of black in a creamy scrub. It smells of vanilla marshmallows. And not too dissimilar to this scent. though this does seem to go a tiny, tiny bit plastic on the skin,
  2. Soul Food In vial: mmm, sweet benzoin, aged paper and resin. On skin: oh, now I smell cinnamon…and vanilla? This is a lot sweeter than I expected. Like there’s vanilla in here. Maybe it’s the benzoin. Whatever it is, this is really beautiful. the frankincense and myrrh are fainter than expected, but the scents I get here are sweet benzoin and sandalwood with a touch of spicy cinnamon. There is a lovely smokiness from the incense notes but it is subtle. Something about this also smells like old paper that has absorbed the scent of incense and resins. It’s really gentle as a scent, serene and
  3. 21st Century Venus In vial: perfumey. This is almost mainstream in scent, very modern, a floral with spice and something metallic. On skin: I now smell something peppery, and something almost fruity, and a silvery aquatic note, and something that I can’t really describe well other than to say it smells blue. Very blue, deep indigo-ultramarine with a sheen of silver. A cross between futuristic and mainstream. Then the floral notes unfold, I can’t identify them but they are white and fresh, a bit heady but more like an almost watery scent. There’s a hint of spice to it as well, something like
  4. Love Potion In vial: creamy sweet vanilla, almost pure vanilla, very foody and sugary. On skin: now I smell the apricot coming out, like an apricot covered in sweet vanilla cream. Rose also makes an appearance-though it is subtle, as well as that lovely glowing undertone of amber, and a hint of patchouli as well, I don't smell much of the verbena or greenery, just the sweet, creamy, golden notes of amber, apricot, and lots of vanilla. Usually vanillas like this turn plastic or cloying on me but not in here. This is very attractive, it smells edible, delicious, I want to bite my wrist off.
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