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Inspiring desire and devotion is an eternal art, a powerful skill, and one of the pinnacles of the craft.  Mages have pursued this goal for centuries, with varying degrees of success.  Because we are also seekers of secrets we can then impart to aid you in your own quests, we present The Summoner's Spell: a very complex blend of over 50 ingredients, crafted mostly of essential oils, all carefully selected to assist in achieving the coveted result. Many of the ingredients are distillations of African plants and roots which are so ancient and rare there is no modern translation for them. These rare essential oils are steeped in a base of lavish sandalwood oil, benzoin and copal resins, animalic musk, and even an oil created as a byproduct of mining metal ore - which serves to "steel" the summoner's resolve and magnetize the attention of the object of your affections.


Of the ingredients which can be identified in more common terms, you will recognize Damiana, famed for its love and lust inspiring qualities; Labdanum which serves as a sense-memory tool to stimulate the subconscious (and said to revive long forgotten memories and feelings); and High John, which is not only a love and success ingredient, but also amplifies the power of other elements it is used with. Among the numerous additions are those which inspire admiration and fascination, love, lust, insatiability, magnetism, sensuality, focus, and astral projection.


The crown of this bounteous brew is the pleasant tangy aroma of Pomegranate - one of the oldest fruits known to mankind and often used in spells pertaining to matters of the heart and for the granting of wishes - and a touch of Orange Blossom, which is a strong attractant for men and commonly used in marriage bouquets to assure eternal love.


Anoint a candle and yourself with this spell potion, and gaze into the flame while clearly envisioning the object of your desire. Wear the potion when you expect to be in the company of this person, and he will feel a pull towards you, and perhaps a "memory" of the time you've shared together on the astral plane.


Created by: Mara Fox

Description: Mara & Julie (luna65)

Label art: vintage photography from the 1900s

February 2012


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