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Jason was an object of pure fantasy: the chiseled manly hero whom women around the world sighed over and dreamt about every time they saw him on the big screen.  Andi was the director who wanted nothing more than to get him in her viewfinder…and indulge in a few steamy daydreams of her own.  But they both wondered if it was wise to mix business with pleasure…until one reckless night of passion later, a video appears online which proves they were both photogenic and pornographic!  Will their burgeoning attraction survive the gossip, or collapse beneath the weight of all those collective fantasies coming between them and their mutual desire?


A combination our customers crave…this intriguing unisex scent features warm soft vanilla musk interwoven with uber-masculine notes of leather, sun-drenched earth, fresh-cut timber, vetiver and just a touch of motor oil. Like the handsome hunk of a blockbuster movie, making his presence known from first entrance, but the final exit leaves behind a comforting aura which has the ladies panting for more!


Created by: Mara Fox

Description: Julie (luna65)

Label art: courtesy of Jimmy Thomas

Romance Novel collection, February 2013


Andi liked to think her wonderment was her secret weapon...even after so many years of trodding slowly and carefully through the landmine of the movie racket she could still geek out when it came to certain situations (like filming her first action scene) or people.


“Jason Ransome is in my living room,” she breathed, trying not to squeak at the end of the sentence.  Said incredibly handsome action movie icon turned away from her pretty-okay view of Hollywood overlooking the Yucca Corridor.


“I’m sorry?” he said, his voice that signature throaty rumble-rasp which made you wonder what side of a moral imperative he was on at any time.


“Oh...uh,” Andi paused, resisting the urge to flip her hair as her heart accelerated, drowning out the trip-hop chill playlist she’d called up on her iPod, docked in an obscenely expensive Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Air.


He chuckled, flashing ice-blue eyes made for ever-widening screens worldwide.  “Andi, c’mon, I’m the same guy who flubbed one five-word line twenty freakin’ times, don’t go all googly-eyes cat-got-your-tongue on me, ‘kay?”


“Well goddamn it, stop being so attractive, then!” she exclaimed, one hand raking through her caramel locks, freed from the ponytail and gimme cap she normally wore on-set.  “I mean, what is a girl supposed to do when you’re standing there being all charismatic n’shit?!”


This brought on a burst of genuine laughter and even in the dim light she could see he was blushing.


“Aww shucks now, ma’am” he demurred, fluttering eyelids in a parody of modesty, “you’ll turn a man’s head with that sort of talk.”


Andi rolled her eyes as she opened the fridge.  “Here, alcohol should make you at least a little less shiny,”  She handed him a Corona.


“Just one, since we’re shooting pick-ups tomorrow.”


“You underestimate the genius of Rob,” she countered, grinning.  “He’s already made you look five years younger.”


“A feat which will earn him a place in Heaven, no doubt.”  


They clinked bottles and she led him out to her balcony.  The night was balmy, the sounds of traffic an ambient hum of movement, punctuated by the occasional siren or horn.


“Does it ever get quiet?” he asked her as they perched in deck chairs.


Andi smiled.  “Yeah it does, actually, but usually not until after one or so.  And then I can hear the crickets.”


“Killer view, for sure,” he observed, then downed half the beer in a long swallow as she regarded his sexy neck which connected his sexy head to his equally-sexy torso.


“I know fitness is your designated religion and all, but how much of you is genetic happenstance?”


Jason narrowed his crystalline eyes, smirking.  “What about you, Ms. Tanner? Who did you get that cute nose from?”


Andi wrinkled the appendage in question.  “Cute? Really? I always thought it was too long.”


“Oh it’s cute, alright.  Perfect for Eskimo kisses.”


She snorted through the object of discussion without meaning to.  Jason cracked up.


“No fair!” she cried.  “It’s like you made me do that!”


“I bet it was your mom, huh?  People always get the good stuff from moms.”


“Like your eyes?”


“You’re changing the subject, but if you insist: no, actually.  My dad, and all the men in his family, have these eyes. It’s kinda creepy, really, to be in a room full of people with bright blue eyes.”


“Oh yeah...terrifying.”


“Girl you don’t play fair, you know.”


“Me?!  You’re the one -”


“I’m just sitting here, trying to make conversation.”


But he couldn’t help glowing like some romantic hyperbole allegory...the moon sailing over a large lake, turning the surface glassy, a collision of adjectives: dark and light and how the two can mingle into something enchanting.  Emerging from a hollow in an equally gloomy wood, shimmering as his ethereal skin was colored by that reflected shine.


“We’ve been traveling to this point since that day we met in Graber’s office, wouldn’t you say?  Or am I making too large of an assumption?”


Jason stretched long denim-clad legs, resting his large feet against the metal weavework of the balcony wall.  “You’re in a position to assume whatever you like, boss.”


A strange shiver seemed to pass between them as, for the very first time, Andi considered what it was like to be on the other side of the mirror of privilege...and if she really wanted to be.

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