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My ex and I have always had mad chemistry. Unfortunately, that hasn't changed and is getting in the way of our relations when we do run into each other (which is often unavoidable). We usually know it will happen and have done well until this last time. Things didn't go well. Currently, we're trying to create distance, but there's a limit on how long we can operate in stealth mode. Our circles are small and eventually, we'll start crossing paths again. I'm hoping time will eventually help, but in the interim I'm also hoping there's some phero magic that can lend a hand.  ?  

My question: Which phero would be the most helpful for lowering sexual tension and/or attraction? My first thoughts were Swimming with the Sharks (SWS), Mother's Little Helper (MLH), or Leather. Of course, I'm open to other suggestions and would LOVE feedback on this topic - especially if you have stories of a similar experience. 


ETA: Just read the description of B2. I wonder if wearing a phero that makes me "one of the boys" would be a good fit for this situation. Thoughts?

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