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On Christmas Eve tucked in snug for the night,
I then was awakened with such a fright!
As I heard Santa call,“Now dash away, dash away, dash away all!”
I ran out to the lawn and upon the snowy white drifts
those naughty reindeer had left us little “gifts.”
I grabbed a shovel and started to scoop
all those tidy piles of reindeer poop.
To throw them away seemed such a waste
so I saved them thinking you might like a taste!
As I finished my task, which took a long while,
Olde Saint Nick passed by and he sheepishly smiled.
I heard him exclaim as he rose into the sky,
“Well, they’re not potty-trained but at least they can fly!”


Half a dozen chocolate varieties combine for a creamy milk chocolate delight, coating little berry bombs of pinky sweet mulberries and tart elderberries.


CHOCOLATE/COCOA ~ Lightens emotions, evokes feelings of love.
MULBERRY ~ Luck, willpower. protection, strength.
ELDERBERRY ~ A lure for the Fae. Long considered a highly potent magical plant. Healing, induces visions and dreams, creativity, twigs used as a charm against illness.
AMBER ~ Fertility, creativity, love, luck, riches.


Created by: Mara & Julie

Description: Julie (luna65)

Label art:

December 2014

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