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Everyone - especially elephants - loves Ellie’s special snack mix: a craveable blend of brown sugar-glazed nuts and hot buttery popcorn, all covered in luscious chocolate fudge, YUM!


CARAMELIZED SUGAR ~ Attracts love, luck, sweetness and riches. Lust inducing, wishes granted.
PEANUTS ~ Masculine energy.
CHESTNUT ~ Amplifies male potency, love.
(POP)CORN ~ Fertility, Abundance, Protection, Luck, Divination.
CHOCOLATE FUDGE ~ Lightens emotions, evokes feelings of love.
VANILLA ~ Aphrodisiac, inspires happiness, playfulness, sexual arousal, lust, vitalizing.
AMBER ~ Fertility, creativity, love, luck, riches.


Created by: Mara Fox

Description: Julie (luna65)

Label art: Jennifer King

Carnival Collection, September 2016


Review Thread


Passing through these gates you will find much
to amaze and amuse.
As the sun goes down our lights come up
the music plays -
the song of thrills and chills and titillating mysteries to reveal.

We have games! And fun! And food! And unusual sights to behold!
Take a chance, dare to dream
discover your heart’s desire
or a momentary distraction from the mundane humdrum.
Whatever the reason - do come, please come
all you good people far and wide
enter and experience our unique revelry.
Let us take you away from your cares and woes
and add a little magic to your life.

For we promise such wonderment and delight
so then upon this Autumn night
of full moon and fallen leaves and shadows stretching tall...
Come one, come all!
Come to our Carnival!


A tradition much beloved by us here at LPMP is the Fall Carnival: a final farewell to the carefree joys of Summer - as the light begins to wane earlier each day and the weather turns brisk - it’s one last time for frolic and fun. Our 2016 Carnival Collection pays tribute to the sights, sounds, and smells of an old-fashioned traveling carnival...its’ colorful characters and delicious treats, all the unique delights one can only experience amidst the excitement on a September eve, with a chill in the air and the haunting music of a distant calliope...



Dwelling in the forests of Uttar Pradesh are many families of elephants, long-lived and loyal.  They roam through the tracts thick with trees and grasses, drink from and bathe in the many streams, enjoy the abundant plants and fruits native to their diet.  And in one particular family there is a very old and very wise elephant, known as Ellie auntie-ji. If one came upon the memory of elephants which comprises Ellie’s family, they would see her: wrinkled but still lovely, over a hundred years old, walking along at the back of the line with the graceful swing she was trained to employ as a performer.


Ellie was born in the forest, as were her sisters and brothers, and although she loved the land her family ruled with a gentle majesty, she had other dreams, and other aims.  While her sisters were content to stay in the jungle and raise families, Ellie wanted to be in show business.


“To put it plain, I was simply too glamorous for this forest!” Ellie told her numerous nieces and nephews.


Her sisters snorted and rolled their lovely eyes at their sister’s airs and her wild stories of life in the circuses and carnivals of the world.  But their children clamoured to hear her tales of adventure every day.


“Ellie auntie-ji, tell us about the costumes!” they would demand.  “Tell us about the jewels you wore!”


“Oh the jewels, you have never seen the like, na?  So beautiful they were, sparking upon my special headdress, when I marched in the parade everyone was awestruck, I tell you!”


“And the peanuts, tell us about the peanuts!”


“Oh peanuts are so delicious, betas, it is so sad you cannot try them!”


“Peanuts!” her sisters huffed, “We never heard the like!”


“Peanuts do exist, I have eaten them many many times.  My trainer sold very special sweet peanuts that everyone would buy, and they would feed them to me.  They were so popular they sold them everywhere in the world, and the bag had my likeness on it.”


“Auntie-ji, you are famous?!”


“Yes betas, your Ellie auntie-ji is known throughout the world as the most famous and beautiful elephant of all time!”


Although her sisters never believed her, sometimes late at night when all were asleep beneath the star-spangled sky, Ellie would carefully unwrap the bundle she carried and withdraw a torn and creased paper bag bearing the image of an elephant clad in scarlet and gold and labeled “Ellie’s Elephant Snacks: deliciously world-famous!”


Ellie would wave the bag in her trunk and recall her glamorous life in show business in vivid detail with a secret smile...she could still smell those tasty peanuts.


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