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Jinx No More


Hex remover. Trick remover. Bogie banisher. Gossip stopper. Return to sender. Some people cast ill magic without even knowing they are doing it. This potion puts an end to it.  Each full sized bottle includes an "Evil Eye" inside — these are for deflecting the eye of the devil away from you.

SPICE ~ Lust, love, invigoration.
SWEET CLOVE ~ Money attracting, deflects negative and hostile energies.
BAY LEAF ~ Psychic powers and to induce prophetic dream visions. 
BATWING (HOLLY) BERRIES ~ Aphrodisiac, promotes beauty, consecration, foresight, strongly protective, luck.
RUE ~ Health, protection from evil, mental powers, hex-breaking, returns evil to sender.


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Love Potion Spell Kit collection, January 2010

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