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After receiving several requests for a protection potion, my research led me to the idea of creating one using Asian plants and flowers and calling upon the protective qualities of the mythical Chinese Dragons. In China, Dragons are depicted as wise, beautiful and very auspicious creatures who protect the Gods and people of China.  

Ingredients were chosen for their qualities, and include those for confidence, fortitude, deflection of negative and hostile energy, deflection of negative magic, anti tension, anti stress, protection, dispelling of envy, strengthening of perception, and to create a perimeter of safety around the wearer. Ingredients include Ginseng, Bamboo, Snap Dragon, Dogwood, Lillies, Green and Black Teas, Ferns, and Grasses.


This is a distinctly Asian smelling potion - clean, bright and fresh, very green and a tad fiery - in a peppery sort of way. Ahhh... It's nice to feel that a Dragon's got your back. ;)


Magical Properties: Protection, personal power, self-confidence...
Prominent Notes: Watery Green and Peppery - Ginseng, Bamboo, Dogwood, Lily...


Created by: Mara Fox

Label art:



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