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August Releases

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Plaisirs de la Nuit ~ Pleasures of the Night ~ This sexy, spicy and intense perfume evolved from two very strong Voodoo recipes for sexual conquest, and evokes wild Carnivale nights filled with abandon joyeux!


Portunus: Opportunity Potion ~ Portunus, the Roman God of Keys, Gates, Doors, Ports and Harbors. We've created a potion in his honor - (his day of celebration is August 17th, Portunalia) - a potion to be worn when you want to open doors yourself, a potion for opportunity of all kinds!


Hathor: Creation Potion ~ A loving ode to the Egyptian Goddess, Hathor - Mistress of Life, Celestial Mother, and Goddess of love, music, dance and fertility. For her, we made this potion of Creation - for fertility and for artistic creativity - using ingredients sacred to her and fabled to encourage your own powers of creation.


BFF: Friendship Potion ~ For strengthening the bonds of friendship, and attracting new friends your way!


Justice Potion ~ Aids the righteous and innocent in achieving justice.


New Sugared Scents

Sugared Gardenia

Sugared Lillies

Sugared Lavender

Sugared Cherries

Sugared Hazelnut

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