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  1. Sinister Girl

    Bayou Musk

    oh but check this- there is a men's version of this too! it's......well, you have to wait!
  2. Native Soil shows up every now and again, after all, it is one of my signature scents!
  3. Sinister Girl


    I'm gonna let you all know that the master bottles of this have MUY vanilla resin in them. It does not emulsify completely for a while, and as time goes on the vanilla will deepen in all the bottles, but the end of the masters will be darker in color, and perhaps thicker. I blended the fragrance this way so as a feral cat grows darker as she ages, so shall the brew. This is something that I have been working on for quite a while, a fragrance that actually changes over time-perhaps to become a hybrid fragrance. It will retain all of the original, yet a darker aspect will eventually take ov
  4. Hehehe, I keep snatching Vamp Cafe scrub bars out of the soap block when I cut them..........*So addicted to my own goodies*
  5. You should see my closet *hangs head in shame* * I haz a boot, purse, and fragrance/B and B problem*
  6. One of my faves! Actually, so much so that we refer to it all the time when ANYONE brings up Amok! LOL People really look at Rob and I strangely.
  7. Silver won't be released until Jan for Feb guys! It has to be completed on the Solstice. *Just wait till you see what we have for this month! * hehehehehehe
  8. Sorry guys, can't do it now. Maybe in the future. Ingredient issues and all.
  9. *working butt off to get stuff shipped and process new stuff! Also making new goodies* Hehehehehehehehehehehe.
  10. I'm getting ready to post in a new topic in the announcements and phero announcements- hopefully it will clear some things up! SG
  11. Conservative numbers in the cart- we'll do an inventory after the next batch of orders goes out! There may be some yet guys! So no worries yet!
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