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Love Potion #3


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Notes: Muscadine and Merlot - topped with masculine greens and woods in the Man's variety.


The male scent has the addition of deep masculine greens and woods, plus the powdery scent of Oakmoss. It's a seductively yummy scent - the smell of 'real man' and honey-dipped grapes.


Wow. My experience of this scent is nothing like the description, but I love it!


In the bottle: fruity, and fresh, but warm and complex


On, wet: a burst of lemons, (where did those come from,) with a berry fruitiness backing it up, and tempered by an ambery, slightly woodsy warmth that makes this absolutely delicious, but not at all an edible fruit. Very fresh without being too bubbly, or soapy, or aggressively sparkely. Very warm and comforting without being dark, or sleepy.


Drydown: the lemon calms down, and becomes more like dried lemon peel, the subtle woods and the warm ambery note amp up a little. There is still something very fresh about this scent, like grape tannins, though there is nothing grape-juicey about this scent. (You know, that crisp, tartness of grape skins -- thats what this blend has.)


I adore this scent. (I will have to re-try the women's again, but I remember liking this one more the first time I tried them.) This aged really well, because while I remember liking it the first time I tried it, I wasn't blown over the way I am today. I think I may need a full bottle of this for the summer, it's the perfect combination of warm/relaxing, and fresh/energetic. It also smells great on my man -- a wonderful, unisex scent.

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