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  1. Sultry Brunette: under that disguise, she always smells fab.
  2. I'm pretty sure Cuddle Bunny was one that was specifically mentioned as not being rebrewable. (Not to be a buzz kill or anything.)
  3. I think the message on this one is that it is dramatically different smelling on different people, and therefore probably worth sampling for yourself.
  4. No, there is not currently a special going on. (If there was, it would be posted under SPECIALS for Forum Members.)
  5. Maybe people haven't been shaking their sample vials? For me, this one is very foody. In the bottle: A grain, almost oat-like, with sticky sweetness, and a hint of something juicy, like wet raisins. On, wet: vanilla and grains, with bright, juicy currants. Very quickly, the currants take over, and the rest is just a sweet background for them. Drydown: the currants settle in, and a honey note comes forth, drizzled across the cake which the grains and other sweet things have become. Not my type of scent. I may be bending more and more on my non-foody stance, but I still don't
  6. Unfortunately, unscented pheros are not currently available in sample form. Some people have organized decant circles, to share the cost of a full bottle, such as here. You could certainly run one for Treasured Hearts, or ask if any one else would be willing to host a circle.
  7. I think I remember that there were problems which prevent the re-brewing of Sandman Snoozeth. That's why everyone was so keen on making a new sleepy potion for the forum designed August collection. Le Sommeil Des Anges should be available soon, and a little bird told me it will even have the same, (super potent,) German Chamomile that was used in Sandman Snoozeth.
  8. (Psst. I believe that the reason for labeling it as " Betrothal II" is that they are re-brewing it. So don't be too sad.)
  9. psst. Honeyed Seductions page is up. It's going to be a day (or two) of hawking the release pages.
  10. Heh. What about re-doing the original, doing one with more honey, and doing one with another twist? You could call them: Blond, Brunette, and Redhead. (But then you'd have to decide which was which.)
  11. Even if some people like Honeycomb better, clearly enough people like the original that you sold out as fast as you did. What was the general feel on the Phero boards about the scent? Did everyone there prefer the Honeycomb, or was it a mix?
  12. What was that song, from Jekyll and Hyde the Musical? "And men are mad about my afternoon teas, they're quite informal, I just do it to please. Those triple sandwiches are my favourite ones. I'm also very partial to buns!"
  13. Heh. My first draft had a timeline of all the colors. Pink, breakfast in bed --> White, upscale brunch -->Green, sex for lunch -->Original, afternoon tea cakes --> Gold, classy dinner -->Red, evening clubbing --> Black, sweaty club at Midnight But doing the different kinds of comparisons made more sense, review-wise.
  14. In the bottle: this is definitely an LP, with that signature heavy vanilla, and sweetness. On, wet: Mmm. a thread of fresh greenery. It's as if the original Phero Boy crept inside LP Original. Fresh, but also strongly feminine, and very food/sex. Drydown: That fresh green does fade into a very light, fresh musk, as Mara has mentioned. The fresh cut greenery is gone, but still lightens this blend a little, making it fall somewhere between LP Original and LP White, as far as intensity goes. As for sexiness... if LP Pink is breakfast in bed, and LP Black is a sweaty night club, Green
  15. Urban dictioanry makes up whatever they want to. I doubt that it originally had anything like a phallic connotation. I think that in modern slang it is simply used exactly as katz meant it, to mean someone young. I've usually heard it used with an edge of admiration for the intelligence and audacity of youth.
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