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  1. On me, this one starts with a very green note, backed with woods and sweet resin. I don't get the floral that others mention. I find this, not woodsy exactly, because it has a polish and class to it that you wouldn't find in nature, but woody definitely, and green, and sweet without being foody. Upscale were-wolf maybe. As it dries, the green note mostly melts away, and it's just warm and sweet and sensual. I can see this as being a masculine scent, but I love it on me. I wore it to a Christmas party and when hugged by men got complimented on how good I smelled, so I think this isn't one of those cases where I love the smell of men, and therefore love the scent, but that it actually does work on me. Veddy nize. I smells delish.
  2. Magic tobacco and bespelled princes? When are we going to get a tantrum potion that smells like green goo?
  3. I'll chime in with, "anything that makes you feel sexy will make you more attractive!" Confidence is HOT!
  4. I get e-mails claiming to be from Bank of America all the time. A good rule of thumb: Never click the e-mail links. Always go to the site in question by typing in the URL that you always use to do business with that site, or call the customer service number to double check. (Not the customer service number in the e-mail.) You should do the same thing for phone calls. If someone calls saying they are your bank, or the government, ask what department, and for the name of the person you are talking to. Then say you will call them back. Look up the number for the institution, and call it. If they are legit, you will be able to ask for the person you were talking to, and continue the conversation. (Like with the e-mail, don't take their word for the number to call them back at.) I have older family members who got caught by the phone thing, gave out account numbers, and lost money. Very sad. Also, don't believe people on the phone who ask for your bank and routing number, even if they say it's safe because it's on all your checks. They CAN use it to pull money out of your account without permission. A real company won't, because they will be sued, a fake company disappears over night, and faces no consequences. Grrrrrrrrrrrr. There are bad people in the world, and they make me mad.
  5. My favorite dead horse to beat: Fertility is synonymous with creativity in magical terms. It is intent which will make your novel, painting, garden, etc. (rather than your womb) bear the fruit of your creativity. I'm super curious about this one as well. I was thinking of putting a flying potion inspired scent over in the Designing August sub-forum, and I have my fingers crossed that this is similar to what I was thinking of.
  6. Sultry Brunette: under that disguise, she always smells fab.
  7. If you make lots of orders close together, they might get delayed a little and sent out together. Also, if you have a custom scent, i.e. a special sugared or phero's added to a scent, that could delay your order as well. March 9th? Really?
  8. I'm thinking, a variation on the LP green that everyone misses so much.
  9. I'm pretty sure Cuddle Bunny was one that was specifically mentioned as not being rebrewable. (Not to be a buzz kill or anything.)
  10. scourger

    Soiled Dove

    I know, right? You get all honey, and I get so much tobacco. *goes to try shaking up her sample more*
  11. scourger

    Soiled Dove

    In the bottle: I get fresh cut tobacco, not yet dried, and a hint of the honey and dirt, just as a slight sweetener. On, wet: The fresh tobacco smell is very powerful, as is a kind of burnt sugar smell, which must come from the booze and honey. Drydown: The tobacco softens and this scent turns really dirty. Not the kind of dirt you grow things in, the sleazy kind of dirt. Honey does that on me anyway, most of the time, but the vetiver and wood take it to an extra level. There is a subtle sweetness to this one, which keeps this one feminine, but it is definitely a femininity which has embraced the filth of a world mostly filled with men. (As advertised!) Dirty, dirty, dirty.
  12. Squeeeee!!!!! Ahem. It's, "... voodoo. Who do? You do."
  13. In the bottle: berrylicious, with warm amber to round out the dark end. On, wet: sense memory, this is like a strawberry bubble-bath that I had as a little girl. All the notes blend seamlessly into this warm, strawberry, girly whathaveyou. Drydown: The amber and ambergris take on their own characteristics, giving this a lovely incense like backdrop. The berry front note takes on an almost rosey quality, and I get thrown from Grade School to High School, as my memory matches this stage of the blend to an incense I loved as a teenager. This is a very girly scent. I enjoy the balance of empowerment and playfulness this one lends. It's not a scent I thought I would like, but I enjoy it a lot, and it definitely has a place in my scent wardrobe.
  14. scourger


    In the bottle: This is bright and juicy, with a hint of something like pine backing up the fresh fruitiness. On wet: Kapow! The blend of the flowers with the fruit makes this into a tangy, sweet, white fruit, like white grapes ought to taste but don't. The pine is somewhere in the background, giving this a refreshing zing. Drydown: The pine note (or whatever is making it smell like pine to me) comes forward, and this is almost exactly how I was imagining a slightly floral, extra feminine Retsina scent. Eventually the pine wins on me, and the end of this scent is like a dry, aged pinesol, but the first several hours of it, with the bubbly fruit, are fun. I have to remember not to wear this one to work, it made me feel and act ditzy, which was sadly counterproductive.
  15. Saw where? It's about two weeks before stalking time for Valentine scents should start, unless that nap was a lot longer than I though.
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