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Another Blends and Application Question

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I'm wanting to order UN La Femme Noir, UN Sexology, and UN Blatant invitation. My question is, what are your favorite mediums for these and other pheros as well? So far I've tried LFN in oil and always have noticeable results but I wondered if anyone likes it better it better in silicone or who tries these in a 60/40 blend? Same question for sexology and blatant invitation. I think blatant invitation would be fun in a 60/40 blend but how long does it last and is it just too much phero wise so that a silicone would be better? I also layer the sample oils I have with an alcohol fragrance because the oils (except for sexology and cuddle bunny) make me smell like a candle. I get the feeling the alcohol helps with the diffusion of the oil. Thanks for any help! I'm really having a blast using the pheros :)

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Dolly is always gracious enough to provide threads on different questions that we've all had at one time or another. One you might start with in her journal is this one:




Check out her others too because they've been a really great source of info and it might help answer many of the questions you have now. Hope it helps!!

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