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    I was a band geek until I was 21 so I've played just about everything but drums and piano. My husband and I married in 2005 and I have one daughter, 16 years old.

    Thanks to my kid, I've come to appreciate anime, Japanese music and the fact that you can find some pretty cool desserts from YouTube.

    Music: RUSH!!!!! Movies: all time favorite is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Books: Dean Koontz. I love to garden but it is entirely too darn hot here much of the time.

    Everything else is still a work in progress!!!
  1. I got mine yesterday and it's perfect timing. I'm running out of my must-haves! Happiness ensues....
  2. SS4W - it always proves to be a great happiness-inducing tension-releaser at work Blatant Invitation - sexiness in a bottle for me The third would either be Cougar or Cuddle Bunny. Either of those always seems to make people softer and more open to being helpful when I need it. If I could only have one, it would be Blatant Invitation. After a year of finding the perfect phero for me, that is the one that always does exactly what I'm looking for!
  3. It's me, MDC!!! Mara made me look cute! LV, you crack me up!! LOL I saw this post and HAD to come on over! ETA: Everyone on the labels is absolutely gorgeous. I've never been a part of something quite like this forum and LPMP where the labels can be as coveted as the product itself. I'm super excited she let me sneak in to be a part of this with all of you beautiful ladies (and gents).
  4. I LOVE the labels. Everyone looks absolutely amazing! I don't know what I'm going to do for the sale. I think half my cart is going to be sugareds!!!!
  5. Being a Blatant Invitation lover, I had to get this one. It's very light and very berry. It reminds me a bit of those creamy berry flavored Life Savers and I love that it holds the BI so well without seeming overtly sexual in nature. I've been pairing it with Ricotta Sonata to add a bit more scent and I love the two together. I may need to try NOX as well from the sounds of it.
  6. As mentioned already, this does remind me of Flying Potion. Very light marshmallow, slight twinge of licorice and a warm spring-like honey - not a dirty honey at all but for the life of me, I can barely smell it. I agree Halo, I'm hoping that this gets a little heavier with age. I may have to let this one sit for awhile and come back to it or pull out the silicone and see if it's my chemistry eating up marshmallow again.
  7. I got three of the NRs: Horse, Wolf and Ducky. Of the three this is my favorite one. It does have a Mermaids of Atlantis feel. It's very lush, fresh. I'm a big fan of ozone notes in LP perfumes and this one adds just the right touch. I can pick out the cucumber and a sweetness I attribute to melon but not too much floral which is fine to me. It reminds me of how good everything smells by the water on a warm spring day and a breeze blows around you. It's very delicate and comforting. I have a feeling I'll be wearing this one quite a bit.
  8. I'm glad I reread your post Luna. I was just going to ask the dork question of whether this was going to cause me to test positive for all the "random" urine tests I get subjected to at work. I forgot it had cannabis in it until just now after I've already slathered myself in this!! I love the review you gave as I can completely see where you get that feel. It feels a bit more male to me and I am beginning to love anything with leather in it. Usually smoke comes out strongly on me and I've learned I have to be careful. To say sometimes I smell smokin' hot is not necessarily a complime
  9. After reviewing all the wonderful notes, of course I could have bought the whole collection hands down. Alas, I bought three: Horse, Ducky and Wolf. All three have ingredients and associations that I can surely use right now.
  10. Mara, I am always amazed that you can keep track of our craziness. Not only did my box arrive in two days (Washington seems to have way better efficiency!) but everything was there including the PEs. The crayon box was adorable (don't know if I'll share with my kid) and the extras - its almost like you read minds on top of everything else you do! Thank you as always. Especially this month, I had the chance to take out everything and play and sniff and enjoy it. In two days, I won't be enjoying anything other than sleep!!
  11. Ok, BC, I just opened my box of goodies and your Black Cat Mojo was in there!!! I know I should let it sit. I know but I ripped that plastic right off the cap like there's no tomorrow and all I can say is W.O.W. If there is possibility of a rebrew, please count me in. This is coming across as everything you described - straight off the postal truck!!! This was definitely for the win and I am so glad that I got the chance to get one. I'll definitely be back in a few days (maybe a week) after it sits and does its thing but I literally had to come straight here and just let you know t
  12. Giddiness ensuing! Mara, you are so super. I just got my notice!! It was just... LP Magickal Thank you, thank you. If it arrives as quickly as it has been since your move, I might be able to enjoy them before outage starts!!!
  13. I'm still waiting and that's ok. I ended up getting Blatant Invitation added to a LP Red and the Vermillion so I know it will take a bit longer. Of all the pheros I've tried, I never imagined that the one I would end up adoring would be BI. It's just exciting to hear which ones everyone loves and how its smells on them. It's Christmas and birthdays all rolled into one every month!
  14. StoremyWhether


    I just saw your post MDC and I really don't think you have to worry. Others may have found it to be more present but I didn't. It seems very in the background. What I was going to add is that I've been layering this with my maple scents and I LOVE it. It's great on its own and it's also turning out to be great with others as well. I wore it the other day with Moon Sugar Candy and I smelled so good. The guy that took off running after whispering behind me that I smelled so good while wearing Armed and Dangerous also seemed to hang around me a lot that day. It's sad when our chemistry
  15. Thanks QG! At least here when I get called names, they're all a bit kinky and fun. Much better than what I hear elsewhere!!
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