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  1. Well I wanted to a review, but you know how sometimes totally unrelated things happen at the same time, but you have to revisit it over and over to make SURE they are unrelated? Well I got my first order Saturday, and there they were Honeyed Seductions and Phero Girl, so immediately 1 swipe of one on 1 wrist and one on the other.... I am sniffing, Husband is shrugging - he liked HS better the Phero, thought Phero was too thick... which first application it is, so I was waiting for it to dry a bit and and have him smell it again....well.. then I thought an allergy attack hit... my nose turned on the faucets, and would not stop... all night, even after I washed everything off... so I am stressing going "No, don't want to be allergic to this, want to wear it, NONONONO"... well that turned out to be a head cold of truely impressive proportions as it is Tuesday and I am STILL feeling like I have a lead ballon for a head... so I will be trying them again this weekend, mainly because if it is a bad allergic reaction I really don't want to it right before I walk out the door to work... But on the bright side I put on Honeyed Ginger today... ~sighs~ I am in love..... going to have to slather this stuff.
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    Review: 1st sniff - a green fruity smell, very sweet but yummy... not the normal smell I like... On arm - same scent, wow this smells delicious 5 minutes - what? sharp green smell, but not bad, but where did that sweet go 10 minute - ack... VERY sweet almost rotting fruit sweet, just too much 15 minutes - sharp green medicinal, almost like a green medicine... not bad, just not something I keep wanting to sniff. I tried this 3 times, twice on my period, once off... and the same pattern every time... ~pouts~ very disappointed... it don't like me at all. Once thing I have really been noticing about LP stuff is even if my skin makes it go wonky (which it does to alot of stuff) it smells so good as long as it isn't touching my skin.... I am really going to have to invest in a scent locket.
  3. Hi everyone - I fell in love with some of Love Potion's scents when a friend had an imp of Sugared Cinnamon and Sugared Frankinscense and Myrrh she let me swap for... and I was in heaven. After doing a lot of lurking I decided to join, and start spending more money here... I live in Atlanta, married, two cats (cheaper than kids), sci-fi addict (I have a personal library of over 5k novels), gamer (I play way too much WoW), fan fic writer (yeah I write too... now if I could write and play WoW at the same time I would be good) and chocoholic. Not sure what else to say... ~waves and fades away~
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