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  1. Holly

    Mango Tango

    I just wore Mango Tango out last night to -- of all things, go tango dancing. I had a lovely eventing and never was without a dance partner! This sent is light yummy. It worked well with the oh so close body to body dancing of the evening!
  2. My son stole my Candle in the Wind and wore it on Friday. He insisted that I wear some Pumpkin Juice. It was a beautiful morning here in Colorado and it just felt like fall. Too funny. We walked into the main office of the school, where "candles are off limits" and the secretary started looking for "the contraband". We just made eye contact, smiled and walked out. I could wear pumpkin every day of the week! I also love combos with vanilla, honey and Nag Champa. This combo reminds me of a perpetual Fall/Spring from when I lived in Quito Ecuador for two years and back packed through South America. Some smoke would be good too. The black berry would remind me of my fall childhood in Olympia Washington. The wild black berry bushes there grow over 12 feet high and we would always pick buckets full to make cobbler! Yum!
  3. I wore Man Nip and Popularity Potion when I got the great deal on my new car. It was a late night purchase and the dealers seemed to want to talk to me all night. LOL!! I LOVE my Love Potions!
  4. I agree with Madame Leota. I feel NO guilt!!! I use my phero's all the time. I love to use them when I go out. People are attracted to me and enjoy being around me. I used them prior to buying my new car and got a great deal! If there is something that is going to make people open and friendly, I am going to use it. I have been using pheromones while I have been taking dance classes and the instructor commented on how happily surprised she was with how quickly I became part of the group. I even am in a choreographed presentation of a Salsa Tango fusion number. I keep my phero's as a secret. Why would they want to know anyways?
  5. Thank you for posting on this topic. I have noticed that my pheros can give me a headache at that time of the month and I am put off from them. I think that a mood enhancing phero would really help. I will have to check out Teddy BB since you have had good results from it. Balm Bomb looks like it would be just what the doctor ordered for that special time too. I can't wait for November to pick some up.
  6. I love reading what you all are testing out at work. I am a middle school teacher and definantly don't want to go anywhere near a sexual reaction. I have used Mother's Little Helper and Swimming with Sharks with Topper. Popularity Potion has also been very helpful. I interact with other teachers, administrators, parents, volunteers and of course kids on a daily basis. Swimming with the Sharks seems to get me the best results especially if I pair it with Topper. People tend to be more friendly, helpful and receptive. These are all things that I was looking for. Last week we had a staff development day and decided to use a little La Femme Noir. It didn't go over so well. I seemed to get a rebuff from my administrator. It was slight but noticable.
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