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  1. Since I was browsing and this thread came back up I thought I would add a bit more now that I've had more experience with this. This scent, more than anything else I've ever tried, definitely depends on my skin chemistry. I'm not sure if it has to do with time of the month or maybe my diet, but sometimes this is gorgeous on me and sometimes it goes very plastic-y. I haven't quite nailed down when it's "safe" to wear it and when it's not, so I tend to just wear it when I know I'll be home in the evening. It does have a sort of cozy feel to it - although I'm sure "cozy" isn't quite the word
  2. How about...Absinthe of Malice? I know there was some reason why the exact scent couldn't be re-brewed, but I'd love to have something similar - this is the one LP I'm really sorry I missed out on. Also The Big Easy - I can barely use my bottle any more for fear of running out.
  3. Thanks MDC! Even though I must have at least 100 different scents I'm feeling like it's time for some new ones. When that shipping notice comes in I'm gonna be like !
  4. Well I haven't posted here in forever...haven't bought anything from the shop either, sadly, but this is my year of being responsible with my finances. So I made my first LP purchase since I think November...samples of everything I just can't live without from the past couple months, plus a bottle of Whisker Wishes because I missed it last time and I couldn't stand to miss it again! I miss all you ladies here (and I miss new potions, lol) but just had to get some things in my life under control and sadly this is one of the super-cutbacks I had to make. So excited though to get new potions i
  5. Me too! So happy to see the shipping notice in my inbox! A recent Etsy order shipped today too - I'm totally expecting them to come on the same day. It always happens with my mail - nothing for a long time and then - boom - everything all at once!
  6. Honestly, Mara, I have to say thank you! I already pretty much have my September order planned out, and I was just thinking that it was actually a bit stressful to ME to have NR's in September - I can't even imagine how much work it would be for YOU!!! I really want to start on the sugared line, so I thank you, and my bank account thanks you too:)
  7. So sorry to hear it DD. But it is awesome to see all the love and support you have here - this is such a great little community!
  8. Finally placed my sales order, and I think I did pretty good! Assuming I got everything right, that is. I bought a backup of Love Immortal (I may have to buy a few more, when the budget allows!) and finally a bottle of Sweet Pea Cupcake. I also last-minute ended up with a bottle of Sleep Tight Might (like really last-minute, as I originally couldn't get one but I was an alternate and a bottle came available. I had to completely re-arrange my order, which puts off getting any of the sugared line for a little bit, but that's okay since they are more-or-less permanent.). Oh, and I got a s
  9. I have no idea!!! I'm a bit frustrated really, because the one thing I didn't want to happen in the sale was for Kanary Kremes to sell out before I could get a backup bottle. And...of course it did:/ The only thing that's keeping me from being really upset about it is the awesomeness of the trade board. I feel like all is not lost! So, this is considerably altering my purchasing plans for the month. I was hoping to really whittle down my wishlist, but now my order might not be so large.
  10. I think you're going to get lots of different answers here, as things work differently for different people. For myself, it would be Super Sexy (the only blend so far that gives me "happy" self-effects), Cuddle Bunny (because it's gotten the best response from guys, but it's pretty cops-heavy so you have to be careful in using it), and then it would be hard to choose between La Femme Mystere and Teddy BB - I really like them both. But for me, a-nol usually never works well OR I OD quickly and get negative self-effects. Many of the other ladies here love the a-nol blends, and I'm sure there
  11. These are awesome! Even though I've been here a year, sometimes I still feel brand new - I think I know who a few of them are. I do hope alot of people let us know who's who!
  12. This is a whole new level of stalking for me...checking like every 15 minutes!
  13. And this is post 1000! I finally made it:) Congrats to all the mover-uppers here!!!
  14. Lol QG, you joke but I'm already starting to feel the anxiety! I wish I had known what I was doing last year, then maybe I would remember it better this year!
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