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  1. Oh my NOM, this is just..... orgasmic ! I snagged quite a few bottles of the Fairy Cakes during the sale ( I loooove the fairy cakes ) & this just might be my fave out of them. It's definitely heavy on the spices at first, but I can detect a lot of baked pumpkin goodness. On the drydown, it's just sweet ( yet spicy ) pumpkin cake deliciousness. I'm trying to save this for cooler weather, which doesn't * sound * like a long time, but I just want to slather this all over & I only grabbed the 1/6 oz, unfortunately. I layered this with OCCO Red & loved the combination, but planning on ordering the OCCO Butterscotch soon, so I'll try it with that next.
  2. Just wanted to jump in here real quick to say that this one is just beautiful paired with Love Potion Pink
  3. I looooooove Tingle Tangle....wet, it's this super sweet blast of cherry, pink sugar, & a hint of the chocolate. I agree with you guys, the drydown is sexy & unexpected. A beautiful cherry pink sugary musk. On a side note, I've always DETESTED musk, until LPMP. I first loved it in Ebil - lish, now I love it in this. It has me considering LAM Pink Musk for a future order & other things with musk. Anyway, back to Tingle Tangle....I'm wearing it today & have worn it a few other times, too. I love it paired with OCCO Cherry & OCCO Pink, both OCCOs mixed together. But it would also go great with either OCCO alone. I love Pairing it with my UN LFM, because this scent is feminine + sexy, so I just feel like it ' matches ' that phero well.
  4. If not, I have like 2, maybe 3 of these, not in the trial, but the little freebie vials that they send with each order. If you want them, I will happily send them to you so that you can try them out, just let me know It's a great scent / phero blend !
  5. It may just not agree with you, unfortunately, BUT, when I got my FB of OCCO Red last order, it wasn't like it was when I got the trial months back. It smelled like lipstick & ass on me, with a hint of cinnamon, lol. I know to let my potions from here sit though, & now, it's sooo much better & mostly cinnamon + vanilla, with only a hint of the weird lipstick / ass combo, & that goes away after drydown. So maybe try again in a week or two.
  6. I loooooove Cougar Panther...so much that I almost wish that this was the permanent Cougar enhanced offering ( though, I do adore Cougar Potion, also ) because to me, this scent matches that ' sparkle ' of Cougar the phero. It's just so beautiful & unique. On me, it's almost all grapefruit & cocoa, but the currant amps after a bit. I can't NOT feel sexy when I'm wearing this, & that's even with an OCCO.
  7. Y'all are KILLING me with these reviews, because when I was narrowing down for the sale order, this OCCO was the one from my 5 choices that I thought I could live without ( if I absolutely HAD to, lol ) so I left it out. Now, I'm thinking that it's something I most definitely need in my life. Would you guys say that it would pair nicely with Love Potion Original ? Because that's the main thing that I would want this for.
  8. I would like to know this too, because idk how I missed this neat perk, but placing an order soon & don't want to add anything I'm not supposed to
  9. Out of the four summer OCCO's I got, this one has the most complex drydown. In the bottle, it's a yummy, very bright raspberry. In the drydown, the vanilla & something super sexy that I can't pin down comes out. It's such a gorgeous drydown, I would definitely have no problem wearing this alone.
  10. I looooove this !! This, to me, is heavier on the cherry than Special Delivery or Wild Cherry, but you can definitely detect the chocolate & I think it will layer amazingly with either one. It's sweet, syrupy, candied cherry fun. Super juicy & fun
  11. I about died when I smelled this one...total nosegasm ! It sort of reminds me of going to a high end restaurant & having a limited edition creme brulee based on a creamsicle. It's delicious & mouthwatering without being little girlish at all.
  12. Yes, yes, YES ! This is absolutely beautiful. I got this to pair with Body Paint & it layers with it even better than I thought it would ( they are my scents of the day ). It actually reminds me of a simpler version of Body Paint. If you love gourmand lavenders, do yourself a gigantic favor & order as many of these as you can.
  13. I literally ran out of money, so I couldn't bid anymore, but I will definitely be donating to this charity regardless when I get paid, though. I agree with everyone, super cool of Mara to donate from her personal collection of faves to help others !
  14. I think that this is a great point, because I got my mom obsessed with Balm Bomb, & she swears up & down that the perfumed version has a better effect on her than the UN she got as a pherotine, & I did make sure to tell her to shake it before each use, lol. She looooves the scent, too, & she hates almost any perfume, mainly due to allergies.
  15. I found the lead up to the sale the most exhausting, lol. Then, once it started ( I was lucky enough to be on here already ) I was excited, but in a very panicked way, lol. I imagined literally everything being claimed within like an hour or something crazy like that, but it's good to know that next year, I can be a bit more relaxed about it & know how it works. I feel just incredibly relieved now & super excited go get my package in the future. I know EXACTLY what you mean about PM, I would go literally insane trying to keep track of everyone's stuff. She really is amazing on so many levels !
  16. I second this, the suggestion to make it permanent ! I about screamed when I saw it offered as a freebie for the sale tonight 🤣
  17. Lol, I thought the same thing, I went to the sale thread & was frantically hitting refresh
  18. I got this as a sniffie today with my package & looked up the notes...this this identical to Balm Bomb ? Is my nose going completely insane on me ??
  19. I'll start at $10 for LP Rouge & $10 for Double O.
  20. LOL @ the secret amount in your head......I'm the same way 🤣 I'm glad I'm not the only one !
  21. YESSSS ! I am literally driving myself mad with it...no joke, I have like spreadsheets going, kinda like ' Here's my order if THIS scent will be included on the free list & I'm in time to claim it, here's a list if they don't have that scent but if they have this other scent, etc, etc...because I am ordering like 5 of the new OCCO's & I want to coordinate different scents with them 🤣 My original plan was to set aside $100 for the sale. Then, the new OCCO list came out, I'm like okay, I'll up that to $150. Nope, now I'm up to $250 🤣 With spreadsheets & all kinds of different lists. I feel like I'm losing it, lol. But it's also so exciting ! Your OCCO list is badass, btw ! I'm doing orange & the raspberry too, plus Lavender Buttercream, Butterscotch & cherry. Among other things. I knew the sale was coming & still ordered 3 bottles in the past month & I'm kicking myself now, so I feel ya on that
  22. Great charities ! Love this. And the notes sound amaaaaazing.... I thought that I finally narrowed it down to two of those, at least for now, til I read the notes. Now I realize that I do in fact need 5 of them ASAP.
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