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  1. I got a trial of this back when I ordered some Weenies, I think ? Put it on once & forgot about it, I can't even really remember what my initial thoughts were, other than " nice "....but I broke this out today, & I'm loving this ! It's about as bright & joyful as you can get. Juicy mango & grapefruit, & my favorite part is the tease of coconut in the background, you can tell it's there, but just barely. I kept thinking " Does this have coconut ? It has to " so I came here to look up the notes. To me, the coconut smells very ' coconut oil ' which is a good thing. I may have
  2. This sums up my experience with this scent, too ! I couldn't describe it better. I've never tried the previous versions, only the recent variant, Odalesque, which I absolutely adore. This is nothing like that, & also nothing like what I expected, but that being said, I do really, really like this. When I roll it on, I get deep, rich honey & caramel ( I know that there is no caramel in it, but that's what I get from it for some reason ) but as soon as it dries down, it's that pretty, sexy honey / sandalwood that Eve described. I slathered this one maybe an hour ago, so I'll
  3. I wasn't around when this was a thing before, so I can't compare it to the previous versions, but if they were anything like this, I 100% understand all of the raves ! This is GORGEOUS 🥰 I slathered this one right away when I opened my package yesterday ( I know, I know...travel shock - but my impatience always wins out ) & this is definitely high up on the list of the LP variants that I've tried so far. I get a lot of honey soaked grapefruit, & while cocoa butter usually pulls super rich chocolate on me ( which I love ), it serves as a creamy background here, no cocoa smell from it in
  4. Already made a small ( for now 😛 ) order ! SO excited that I not only get to finally try Odalisque, but that you gave us the option of un - pheroed, THANK YOU ! This is the first time that I ever chose that option, because as much as I adore BI, I would like to switch between LFM, Classy Dame, & possibly Gotcha, if it vibes with it. Also decided to go FB on LP Gold because of all of the raves. Super excited for these !!
  5. AHHHH, I * finally * get to try Odalisque ?! And cannot wait to see what Beach Baby is going to be made up of ! Loving this scandal / breaking news theme like mad 🥰 It's been a super stressful day & this definitely made it better
  6. HUGE second for the Wild Cherry beg. Also digging the virgin Odalesque idea.
  7. This one is a gorgeous scent ! It smells very strongly of lavender at first, but as after it settles for a bit, the sweet marshmallow comes through, & it's just soft & luscious ! My son is the one who used this first, lol. He wanted his bed misted in this. This one also has my favorite charm of the two that I got...don't get me wrong, I love the rose quartz charm too, it's beautiful....but this one is so dainty, more my style, & purple is my fave color, so it's more my jam, lol. I love these sprays !
  8. I absolutely LOVE this ! I used it as a mask refresher, for me & my son's....and spritzed some on my clothes. The scent is as yummy as any of Mara's pink / cakey scents, & for me, personally ? Something about it reminds me of a light version of Double O ? Just my perception. This leaves a beautiful, soft veil of scent, & it lasts a long time ! I misted some on my shirt around 2;30 today, & my shirt still has that light aura of pinky deliciousness, even right now. I also love how these spray - Just a gorgeous, perfect mist. I love the charms, too ! I kinda hope that Mara makes t
  9. This is beyond delicious, WOW ! I'm so torn on this, because I want a full bottle SO bad, but I feel like, when can I really wear this when Fall is over ? I know that you can wear them whenever you want, but I can only do Fall scents in cooler weather & unlike Odalesque, which feels ' year round ' to me, Bare Trap is very Autumn...that being said, I feel like I'll cave in the end & this will be an exception that I'll be rocking all year, not caring how out of place I smell 🤣 This is very spicy pumpkin on me, with a background of the most luscious bakery vanilla, & as it dries down,
  10. This is GORGEOUS !!! Not at all what I expected, but better, even, & with Mara's perfumes, the bar is always heaven high, so that is saying a lot, lol. I never tried Odalisque ( still salty with myself for that one ) & expected this to be very gourmand, but it's not, which is very okay, because whatever this is, I looove. To me, the musk / cocoa butter / vanilla / almond is dominant. The smoothness of the cocoa butter with the sexiness of the musk is super unique & just beautiful. I agree with the poster who said that the almond gives this a lotion like quality. To me, this doesn't
  11. Well, my credit is card is toast, I can tell that without even seeing notes, lol. Love Potion Candied Apple ??? 😍 I never got to try Odalisque ( or LFN, for that matter ) so I'm looking crazy forward to seeing the notes in the variation & possibly scoring some of that. Like everyone already said, the labels are nothing short of stunning....as usual ! Cannot wait to see the notes of these !
  12. LP Pink has the same effect on me ! It's deliciously scented happy juice, especially paired with Lace & some DHEAS. It also goes great with Topper, Cougar, Open Windows...so many pheros, & it pairs beautifully with almost every OCCO that I have too...OCCO Pink ( of course, lol ) OCCO White, Lavender Buttercream, Orange Droolicious, BMM, OCCO Ambrosia....so many options with Pink 🥰
  13. That sounds gorgeous !! I've never even tried that one & I'll still second this plea, lol. I tend to really love the different versions of LP, & this sounds exquisite.
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