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  1. The sample sizes are great for trying a wide variety of scents before you commit to bottles. The sample pack is a monthly sampler, but you can also buy individual samples for $5. (And since you've been active on the forums, you can add two samples for free with any order over $20 -- once each month, as long as you've posted recently!)


    The unscented pheros don't come in sample sizes, but sometimes you can find people on the forums who are selling decants.


    I'll second Dolly's recommendation that you try things outside your normal comfort zone. The thing about LP scents is that they are so different from what big companies make, and they react differently with your skin, so you will probably be happily surprised.


    Lifesgood, welcome! Now you get to do the waiting for your package dance! (You know, the one that goes: three steps toward to mailbox, argue with yourself that you know the post isn't delivered for four more hours, walk the rest of the way out to check just in case, go back in, and repeat in ten minutes.)


    LOL! Thanks for the welcome! Yup I have been doing that dance in my head already and I just ordered last week!

  2. Hi All! I'm new here too. I thought I'd take this time to say that I think the store and this forum is AWESOME!!! I spent the majority of the weekend reading over the feedback that you all have left on this forum. It already placed one order and my list is quickly increasing for my next order LOL Although I like florals, I am more a fan of spicy and sweet scents. I definitely want to build my arsenol so that the next time I see my TG I can leave an impression. He lives 45 minutes away and lately our time together has had too long of a space in between visits. We have great chemistry but I need a little help tipping over the edge in my favor. Anyway enough rambling. I really just wanted to introduce myself and say Hi and thanks for having me

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