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  1. I am 18 yrs older than the object of my affection. I know the "pretty young things" are always trying to get his attention. He pursued me...I fought it tooth and nail at first...saying this is crazy...but you know...nothing in my life felt so right...we're taking it slow...if it never gets to that point...I can be ok with it...because right now he makes me so happy. I don't look my age...which helps...he will be 38 this month...I turned 58 this year..in fact when we are together I feel like he is the older one....I knew him the moment I saw him...I guess we both had things we had to do before getting to this point where we would meet. I know I am crazy...but I am taking the risks in life which I never did before. and I am loving every minute of it. He doesn't see the ones trying to get his attention...I know that...I tried to back off but he kept moving forward towards me. I can truly say say I have waited for him all my life....this is more than just a sexual attraction...we know each other...how we feel, what we think...what we want....I have never experienced this with anyone else in my life...I want to enjoy it...with no regrets and no false expectations...years ago I could never handle that...
  2. Thank you for the welcome Chaionlife! Janey...the one I am interested in is very much younger than me...but when I am with him...there is NO difference. If he is happy with you, why not? Even though we have an age difference...it is perfect when I am with him.
  3. OK I have been reading the posts about Phero Girl...here is the situation. I am in my late 50's. I am doing the dance with a man in his late 30's. It is long distance , but we see each other often...we travel together. He has been attracted to me from the start...he initiated the whole thing...I tried to ignore it, but the attraction was too great...well we have gotten closer and closer as this thing progresses...dinners...kissy face...long stares...lol...he makes me feel like I am 16 again...I want to finally want to go to the intimate level...we've both been frightened of it...so I think maybe Phero Girl might be the thing...I will see him again in 3 days...hoping this does what I want...I'll see him again 3 weeks after this...I want to tantalize him...then pounce in three weeks..I'll be staying with him in his home....that's my strategy...so I'm testing PG out like crazy between now and the time I leave....
  4. I got my first order of Phero Girl...still thinking it over..wore it today when I went out shopping..not sure if I really like it yet...it smells kinda on the incense side on me. Will shake up the roll on a try again tomorrow...maybe I used too much...this is the first honey scent I have ever worn. I am leaving to meet someone in a few days...wanted something special..have to decide if I want to use this one...or maybe my other order will come in time...Shadow Dance with Gotcha... Aislie <3
  5. Hi Dolpin Dolls!! Thank you for the welcome and cannot wait for my order to get here!
  6. Thank you Dolly! Love this forum..been reading and I have such a wonderful vibe from it!
  7. I am ordering Shadow Dance with Gotcha...I too have one that does the dance...3 steps closer...one back. Don't get me wrong..it is a wonderful dance...but I think he might just need that little nudge to keep him moving forward...
  8. Ailsie


    Hello everyone! I just received my first purchase if Phero Girl. So excited...it is a beautiful, different scent. I was so happy to get the free samples...but even more one of the samples was Shadow Dance. When I read the description, I almost cried...everything happens for a reason. While Phero Girl is a beautiful scent, Shadow Dance is the embodiment of everything I am looking for and what I believe in! How amazing I received this sample! I am leaving for a trip with the special one in my life. It is a long distance relationship which I am waiting for the time to make it not so long distance...lol. Ordering Shadow Dance now!!! Thank you so much for another tool in my mystical arsenal!!! I love it!!! Ailsie
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