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  1. Now I get it. After using it for 3 days the tired feeling went away. After using it for 5 days as Mara recommended, I think I understand it now. It works! Conversations with people seem easier and more positive than before. I didn't appreciate the subtle quality of the blend, but I do now.
  2. Thank you for "new" Welcomes!
  3. Not quite a day, but much better results this morning. I know the theory that "less is more", but don't always follow that strategy. Today I did. Yesterday was 2 sprays at 2x and today was only 1 (uncovered too). Much more positive responses. Strangers greeting me (which doesn't happen normally). Very smooth. I forget that I have it on until I think about what just happened.
  4. Tried this product for the first time today after reading a few of the reviews on it. While running errands today I could sense people taking casual glances at me. As others have said, it is very subtle...very smooth. I also felt tired after 5 hours or so as Robert mentioned earlier in this thread. I took a B-complex. I was wearing jeans and a t-shirt, so I think if I had dressed up a bit maybe people would have been more open to approach me. There were some dilated pupils too. The smoothness keeps anyone from showing strong negative reactions. Some positive interactions today that will lead to more testing. I do have to get a better handle on the getting tired part. Any suggestions? The B-complex was only so-so.
  5. Thank you to all for the warm welcome! QG: Thank you for the kind offer. I have read at least two of your reviews.
  6. Charisma Swimming with Sharks BOTTLES: Ruisseau w/ MVP Salute w/ Charisma Thunder w/ Open Windows Trial Vial of Shut Up & Get a Job w/ Swimming w/ Sharks
  7. Thank you for the warm welcome! Yes, I have ordered. The package will arrive either today or tomorrow.
  8. I am very new here, but I would like to make a small suggestion on this topic. How about getting a sample of the 3 most purchased (by women) men's fragrances? I know the idea is for a man to chime in (and I am a man, but no experience with theses scents), but if enough ladies like his fragrance, that might give him the confidence boost that he needs. I figure that if enough women are buying certain fragrances for their men, then they must be great. Have him try a scent a week and see what happens. Because the scents are so unique, I can imagine that a few of the girls his age will ask about the smell. Have him ask the girls if they like the smell first and how much they like it on a scale of 1 to 10. Then they might ask him what the scent is and If I were him I would say something about only sharing that information with very close friends or something like that. Then he gets an entire bottle based on feedback in his social circle, class, etc.
  9. Hello All, I am new to the forum and wanted to say Hello to everyone. Mara gave such superb customer service that I am honored to join the community. ODA123
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