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  1. Wow thanks so much everyone! Two quick questions-- I'm 20 so might cougar be too old for me? Also is there any part of Popularity Potion that has an alpha signature? And what base should I order? Thank you
  2. Rose-- Thank you! What exact effect does LFM have on people in your experience? Maybe I just wasn't looking for the right things! Has anyone had any good experiences with TMI breaking the "ice queen" facade?
  3. Hi Everyone-- I used to read these forums all the time when I had a love potion addiction and was buying everything, but never thought to start my own account! I'm super intrigued by pheromones and I have quite a few-- quick review of what I think of the ones I have: I have a few strong copulin blends I forget which one but the scents are generally too overpowering (my body is naturally warmer so the silliage expands too quickly) but they work! Self effects are really quite strong and it works on boys too (; I've had my friends try them and their significant others are much friskier. I also had La Femme Mystere and honestly this might be too nuanced and sophisticated for the crowd I'm with (college). It was interesting to try, but I didn't really notice anything significant-- not even self effects ): Open Windows was ok-- self effects are good, felt positive and kind but didn't notice anything with anyone else in particular! Maybe I need a more concentrated blend? Anyways I'm looking to come back to pheromones and I'm looking for a social blend. I'm a bit of an ice queen-- my friends always tell me they were intimidated/thought I was popular when they first met me. What do we suggest?? Thanks so much !!! Camilla
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