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  1. Hello ladies I'm already thinking about my next purchase (the previous one hasn't arrived yet, obsessed!) and would like your opinion. I've read all the reviews for Sexpionage and Stone Cougar. I've been thinking about which form I should purchase them in... So I was thinking about getting Stone Cougar in spray 60/40 alcohol oil, since from I've read it is not supposed to have a strong smell on its own and get LP Red oil boosted with Sexpionage (i understand this one has cops in it so spray form would be a bad idea in case I get some in my hair). Will LP Red be a good cover for Sexpionage? Also, will this change Red's scent? I love the way LP Red and OCCO Red smell, so I don't want it to be way different. Thoughts?
  2. Thank you all for replying Actually I have no phero selection yet. This will be my first. I'm totally new to this If I get it scented from the mad scientist option, there will be no need for cover up scent? And one more question: If I get it unscented, the steps are: - spray - wait - apply LP Red roll on? or is it the other way around?
  3. Hello to all I'm considering my next purchase and I've loved all the great reviews for Cougar on this thread. So here is my question: Is it for me? I'll be 29 this summer. I'm not looking into attracting guys younger than me. My target group is 30-40 years old max. Do you think it will work. I've tried Blatant invitation in Under your Spell so far, but I can't say I've noticed anything. LP Red together with OCCO Red is an amazing combo though, I love the scent and the guy I'm seeing can't seem to get enaough of it. I was thing about Stone Cougar in spray/oil or spray/silicone 60/40. Thoughts???
  4. Thank you both so much I'll look at Dolly's journal to see what else I can find
  5. Thank you both for replying I'm completely new to this. So ... two more questions: What's the difference between OCCO Red and NOCO Red? I get that the second one doesn't contain cops, but does this mean that it's actually LP Red? Also, what happens if OCCO Red in spray gets to your hair?
  6. Hello to all I've tried OCCO Red and can I say that I'm in love??? I oredered a full bottle in oil form a couple of days ago. I have a question for you ... If anyone has tried the OCCO red in both oil form and spray form, which one do you prefer and why?
  7. Ok I just have to say this ... LP Red together with OCCO Red --> OMG!!! The guy I'm seeing just cannot get enough of this I've ordered a full bottle of both! Love them!
  8. Is there any way to get samples from the pheros or are only full bottles available? I tried LP Red with OCCO Red yesterday. I loved the scent sooo much!
  9. LP Red really is devine!! I got a sample of OCCO Red too. I've gone through all the threads here while waiting for my sample to arrive (I live in Greece and it took it about a month!), and I didn't know what to expect. I was afraid that it would be something that everyone like except me, but OMG it's amazing! I really need to figure out how this whole phero thing works. I'm a bit confused. As for sexy pheros, which ones would you recommend? From what I've read here on the forum, SS4W, Bang!, BI seem to be a hit.
  10. Hey thank yo for replying Actually I've never tried Bang! or any of all these for that matter. I'm a total newbie here. BTW LP Red smells amazing ... I can't stop sniffing my wrist Since I don't know how this works, do you think I can get LP Red by itself and get a bottle of Bang! to apply when I feel like it? Do you think that'd be better? @Molls how do you like your LP Red with Bang!? How do men respond to it?
  11. Hello to all! I'm new here and in fact I just received my very first sample of LP Red I'll give it a try tomorrow to see how it works. I would like to ask, if I decide to get a full bottle would you suggest to add Bang! to it or get it plain?
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