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  1. Yep. Sure was awesome, lol! I figured since straight up Cuddle Bunny makes me a tad weepy, if I mixed it with the SS4W in Sneaky Clean and a smidgen of Phero Girl, I might get a similar mixture to BANG (which I'm adding to my UN list, he he)....worked for me.... Had to take some ibupofron 2nite and now hubby and I are lying in bed with heating pads and hot water bottles, reading, lol. Gonna give it a rest for a bit....
  2. The Easter Bunny came this weekend.. Started out Friday night with phero combo/lollipops of both Cuddle Bunny and Sneaky Clean and a smidgen of Phero Girl and finished up with swipes of Sneaky Clean and CB on throat and wrists...I was lucky he eventually ran out of jelly beans so I was able to get the ham baked in time for dinner today, lol. Evidently you all have given me some wicked experimental ideas here at LPMP and I went with it....
  3. We have a large family and many animals, so not much gets in the door or by without someone or something nosing around, lol. My husband and I are always upfront and run things by each other b4 trying new stuff. He was open to me trying pheros, but it was more for a lark than anything else as we have always had great chemistry together without any artificial aide/help. In fact, just this morning we were lying in bed talking (he made coffee and biscotti) without pheros, lol and he mentioned that he preferred my own smells, au natural, but agreed its fun to play with pheros sometimes. I suppose it's all subjective to one's agenda and what you're hoping to achieve, but I personally think if one is looking to establish a long term, committed relationship it's important it's based on honesty from the get go, which includes one's own body chemistry/smells and then perhaps embellish as one gets older and producing less of their own stuff. Although I haven't used them in the work arena, I suppose it would help to have a phero edge. After all, we are bombarded daily by the media/advertising that uses all sorts of "hooks" to get us to try their "products", etc. However, I worked nearly 20 yrs, in the corporate world, ran several businesses and still maintain a private practice office/clients, without pheros. I keep my LPMP in a special place, but my daughters (adults) and a couple of friends know I'm trying them and I've let them try some of the samples. Would I tell people in public? Nope. But then again I only use social pheros when out and reserve the more "potent" ones for private time with my husband.
  4. Eggers: Yep. Less is more I guess, for sure. I "slept off" the TMI I guess, cuz feeling fine today, lol! Today I have on trusty LP original and LP Pink samples. Nice. I'm sure I'll give TMI another whorl at some point, but very lightly. Some stuff I can slather on, not so much this one or Cuddle Bunny, but they sure do smell good.....
  5. Lovestruck, We have 6 children who are all adults. 4 are married and we have 6 grandchildren. My youngest son is nearly 24 and his girlfriend's 25! They've been together for 3 yrs. Glad u got the Cougar potion. Enjoy.
  6. Sounds like you made some great fragrance/phero choices, lol! Actually, I have only been using pheros since receiving the LPMP "Women's Sampler" set about a month ago, but quickly formed a couple of favs. My husband doesn't use pheros or any kind of colognes/scents. Never has in all the years we've been together. Not sure why. So, I asked him just now and he said he just doesn't like the stuff on himself, and is very fussy over what I wear perfume wise. I used "Rain" perfume oil by Terra Nova for 30 years, which he loves, but then started trying other stuff like Bulgari Blue which was a gift from a dear friend. I was surprised he actually liked that one. Then I came across LPMP's website and decided to kick things up a notch and try pheros. I made him sniff all the ones in the sampler and so far he likes Cougar Potion and Sneaky Clean on me which I like too. Enjoy, and let us know what happens with Shy Guy.
  7. Dear Mara: Could you please mark me down for a bottle of Clarissian (not sure I spelled it right). Sounds wonderful. I sooo love Tonka Bean, plus my Stella (a Belgian Malinois) looks like the doggie on the label, lol. She'll want to wear some too, no doubt. Thanks!
  8. COUGAR POTION RULES, LOL! I must admit I balked at the name at first as well....but I think more of it as "JAGUAR WOMAN" as I tool around in my beloved silver Jag. Ya can feel reaalllyy good about yourself as well as having nice responses from others without acting on it...And...should you get the attention of the one you have your eye on, YOU can choose where to go from there as YOU are the one i n the driver's seat. It's really a lovely scent. My husband LOVES it (and he's 71 and I'm nearly 59). Have some fun. Try it. Hmmm....then there's always the LPMP pheromone "Gotcha" to consider once the Cougar Potion gets his initial response....
  9. What say me? While far from being a pheronomes veteran I think it's safe to say at least for me, it's hard enough to try and keep up with learning all about L P M wonderful products without getting confused by all these others you mentioned, lol. Sometimes less is more. Good luck.
  10. Hello, all! Everything went well at Acct's. Phew! Nice lunch after with my husband and then some spring time cleaning in the kitchen and made some baked ziti. Yep. Couldn't resist wearing the Cougar Potion this morning....panicked a little when I noticed that my sample is nearly gone....uh oh...time to order a FB, lol! Also want to try River Song with Open Windows (thanx Dolly). I find my energy level is UP as well when I'm wearing this stuff...... Springtime Blessings to All of You.
  11. Good Morning LP Buddies: Point(s) taken re: Compromising Positions.....altho I haven't tried that one.....yet. When I refer to CP I mean Cougar Potion, Lol...at least so far.... I'm off to the acct. to do taxes today. Yeck. I'll be wearing something unphero or perhaps just a smidgen of something to lift my spirits. I dread going every year, but it usually always is good news.. Husband and I usually go out to eat after, so maybe I'll wait and load up on the Cougar then. Enjoy your day.
  12. Thanks, Everyone! It feels nice to be part of such an upbeat group. Makes my day sometimes to just come to this site/forum. What a wonderful group of confidant/assertive ladies and gents. LOVIN it. I think it's working well for me bcuz I really take time to read, read and read some more about the pheros/effects and really thought thru what I was trying to achieve b4 deciding which way to proceed. I am also an herbalist and LOVE workings with tinctures/fragrances/essential oils/aromatherapy, etc. so have some knowledge and was excited by the formularies for the scents presented here. Very enchanting. For me, a post-menopausal woman and long time married, I was simply looking to kick things up a notch and add some "sparkle" while at the same time making sure to try and use only the pheros that might help. For many women my age the progesterone/estrogen levels can get a bit out of whack so I am very careful to follow a natural as possible life style/diet and not add more estrogen (synthetic or otherwise) to the mix, lol. No hormone replacement therapy for me, but I have found that evening primrose oil, flax seed oil and Vitex (Chasteberry) work nicely. I have found that while I like Cuddle Bunny it sometimes makes me too emotional or a bit weepy, but CP and SC seems to be very balancing for me. I feel good wearing it. Can't wait to try some of the others. Slow and steady does it. Thanks for the tips and making me feel welcome. Looking forward to sharing as I go along.
  13. Greetings! After reading here extensively over the past couple of months I finally took the plunge and ordered a women's sampler set and have been having fun with them ever since, lol! Upon receipt my 3 little doggies followed me up the stairs and laid down and watched me try each sample and promptly "chose" their favs, which were all of them, he he. Then my daughter (college girl) came home and came in my room and actually held still long enuf to sniff a couple. She liked LP pink and absconded with the sample. Then my son's girlfriend came in (she' s in her 20's) and snagged the Cuddle Bunny sample. I had tried ALL the samples that night so it was hard to say what worked best on my husband, but he patiently laid down with me and sniffed each sample up and down my arms and .... Anyways, his favs on me are Cougar Potion and Sneaky Clean. Kewl. He was also MUCH more attentive that week, calling from work more, planning date nites, etc. Also, couple of weeks ago, Cable guy was at the house and I 4got I had on Sneaky Clean from night b4 with husband (smile). He was absolutely nervous and stammering and even called his office asking that they hook me up with better equipment/cable box, etc. for free. I made sure to keep a safe distance, lol. Husband and I went out on a Friday nite for dinner soon after and I wore CP, The waiter was stumbling over himself, he he. Really went out of his way to check on us, etc. and after dinner took my hand and stroked my arm and talked and talked b4 he realized what he was doing. Husband was amused.....he knew I had the CP on. Everytime I wear CP people are warm, happy, laughing and go out of their way to make sure I'm o.k. and taken care of....husband even came home with tickets last week to see Rod Stewart/Santana, so safe to say that CP and SC are effective....So far, socially/work (I own my own business) I have used the CP mostly, as well as LP and a lot of the other UN samples and love them. However, while I enjoy LP and LP Pink I'm not in love with LP Red or Black...smells vinegary on me for some reason. Also Phero Girls not a big hit with me...I already smelled like that a lot when I was younger, he he. Anyways, Betrothal is very nice and of course Snuggle Bunny. For now CP and SC is great. Altho I have my eye on others like LFM, Open Windows, SWS, etc. I am nearly 59, have been married for nearly 32 yrs. Husband and I love music and go out dancing a lot and are very comfortable in our own skins and with each other, but I do notice that people are just more "on" being talkative, polite and attentive when I wear CP. So, I'll be ordering full bottles soon of CP and SC...oh, and I suppose some CB for my son's gf and a SC for my dear friend who went nutz when she tried my samples. This really IS fun.
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