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  1. I have looveddd EM since the 90's. On me this oil version is a sticky (must be what I'm interpreting from the 'sugar') floral on a clean laundry base. It is a strong blend and lasts long.
  2. I have this in the oil and on me it is a soft, sweet cinnamon, like Baby Old Spice. A few times in the beginning of May when the weather first turned hot, it gave off a strong Wild Musk/ Love's Baby Soft vibe, and I loved every bit of that, but then it went back to Old Spice. It's my everyday grab-n-go skin scent.
  3. From the sample, Halcyon started out as a burst of enraptured grapefruit, and I was intrigued. About an hour in, the fruity edge faded and the rose and green stems starkley presented and morphed it into a travel stop restroom air freshener. Alas, I'm just not a floral gal...?
  4. I received a sample vial, and the first time I tested it I got a sweet, jammy apricot, and was intrigued. I tested again the next day and got a rush of green bamboo. I hadn't read the notes yet, so I am interpreting this as the blackberry and tuberose, respectively. This is a clean, shampoo skin scent. Soft and billowy, but it fades fast on me. I generally do not care for florals, but this is nice for an after-shower, prepping for cuddle-time fragrance.
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