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  1. @Eastwood22 I responded to everyone above but to you I ask can you recommend an EST blend to try with? i know he may be est sensitive but i want to buy one to test it myself. I mean is that the way to test it? How can i ultimately determine that yes he does not like the est I make. Do i need to douse myself in more est? I guess what I am asking is how do i UN est myself? How do i make my own est go away in order to see if his attitude changes. Is there any way to do that with pheros? Do i add est blend to see if he acts worse or do i hide my own est with cops pheros etc. Am i making sense?
  2. Thanks all. Its been crazy with this pandemic. You all made a lot of sense. The issue is that neither my husband or I are in a financial position to leave the relationship. There is no family, friends or anyone who can help me financially to get away. Everyone I know and love is struggling financially even before this pandemic. I wasn't born to a wealthy mother or have people I can move in with. People I know and love live in apartments as well as my mom so I cant live with them. Most important too is that my daughter is special needs. So I can't just go anywhere. So sometimes its not that a woman is weak or passively putting up with poor behavior its simply that she doesn't have the means or places to go in order to leave the relationship. And that is my case. I'm strong but I have no where to go nor the finances to go anywhere. The pandemic hasn't helped. So I was looking for a solution to help us to see if it might work. I finally these many months later bought my first 2 blends. I am nervous but hopeful. It might not work but hey theres a chance and im willing to try. After I was reading this message board months ago I started doing a little investigating on his behavior. When i wasn't around he was nice. Claims he loves me, wants me near him. When im near him hes so rude and irritable. Alternatively, when hes gone i feel stronger and feel less in a haze. When hes around I feel totally weak to his smell. I decided that he must have very strong natural pheromones of his own. i am embarrassed to admit that i enjoy smelling his armpits. And when I read up on that I realized I was being seduced by his pheromones. His smell puts me in this peaceful place. However my scent (before kids) seemed to make him ONLY want sex. Thats it. Pure lust. He never wanted to cuddle, never wanted to be affectionate. All he ever seemed to want was sex from me. And yes there were happy times but it seemed to mostly be about sex but he was also loyal. if that make sense. he was into me and loyal but just wanted sex. (I was naive and have since learned a lot about men) He was very animalistic in his way of having sex with me. Completely unable to make love or do anything... calm? Can't think of the word. it was like frantic sex. Like the moment he was near me he had to have it. Clearly that behavior led to children. And after the first child his attitude changed. So im thinking the pheromone thing must be strong for both of us. But where his pheromones make me feel peaceful, mine after children seem to irritate him. Which makes the est theory very plausible. Thank you for your kind words. They did help me. forgot to mention that i bought 10:31 - Pheromone Enhanced Perfume w/ Magnet and 02.20 ~ February 2020 ~ Unisex Phero Enhanced Fragrance. Both are free of EST.
  3. @Eggers Thank you so much! You've answered all my questions but I am still concerned. Mostly because how im going to get 20 minutes to myself in the bathroom. LOL. But it looks like I will have to find a way to stand naked in the bathroom for 20 minutes after they go to sleep. As for hubbys uncle he is a very kind sweet passive man. I just wasn't sure if he was going to jump up like charlies uncle joe in willy wonka and suddenly feel like a kid again. 🤣🤣 Making scary flirty passes at me. Too funny. Anyway hopefully that wont happen and he wont get any whifs of anything. So obviously after sexy time I should probably shower if im using the cops blend since it might last into the next day. So the 2020 blend can be worn all times, the magnet blend (in my case) probably just for alone time/sexy time. i have tried reading the forums but i really need people to be more detailed like you have been because I dont really get much out of the short answers people respond with. I read a lot going back to 2008 and I was still lost. i had the pheromone glossary open and the description and was going back and forth trying to figure it out. if you can send me any direct links you think might help I would appreciate it. Thank you so much for such a detailed answer.
  4. Hello, I just made my first purchase ever and I have no idea what I am doing. I bought 02.20 ~ February 2020 ~ Unisex Phero Enhanced Fragrance and 10:31 - Pheromone Enhanced Perfume w/ Magnet. I am clearly trying to improve things with my husband. We have children and a family member living with us. There really is no good time to use this. Im concerned it will have an affect on his uncle who lives with us. And wondering if these will affect my children. What if they smell it? does it have an affect on kids. I dont know how i could handle that. Scary thought. And how long do these last? Do i need to wash them off in the morning before my kids wake up? The goal is obviously to wear them once the kids go to bed. But then I'm wondering how does a gal put this on and stand with it on for 20 minutes to let it dry because it stinks at first? i can barely get a moment alone with myself. And if Im hiding in the bathroom for 20 minutes suspicion will be raised. we only have one bathroom. so i cant just stand around naked waiting for the stuff to dry. Is that really what everyone does? What is the right way to apply these things? I read one that says you will smell unclean if you wear it above your chest. The other says apply it down your middle and wait 20 minutes and not get it on your clothes. I am so confused. Will these come with directions for each one? Also I don't really have anything or fragrance to add to these so are these enough to be applied and left alone? Im reading some should be mixed with oil and some need additional fragrance to cover the smell. is what I bought an all in one because thats what i was hoping for. I just need something i can apply and not worry that I smell unclean or stink or need anything else to hide it. Thanks
  5. Hi thank you. No he wasn't always totally this way. Seemed to get worse after baby #1. We felt we were soulmates. Therapist thinks he has major fear after falling deeply in love with each other. Fear intensified with his love for his children. Basically more to lose. What is EST? And when you say he isn't into it what do you mean? Is it something I can change?
  6. I need help. This is my last ditch attempt to try to fix my marriage. My husband claims to love me but hes a real jerk. We've gone to marriage counseling and our therapist agrees that hes just stuck in his mean ways. Hes rude and selfish. But hes a good father. And loyal. Very loyal. But doesn't trust me even though I've done nothing. His pain stems from previous relationships. We have 2 toddlers age 2 and 4. The last 2 years our sex life has gone downhill. Badly. I am also still nursing the 2 year old. I need a phero that will increase his libido while also making him more open and trusting. AND NICER TO ME. And even though I plan on applying after my girls are asleep I'm wondering if it will affect them or the one who is still nursing. Do I need to wash it off after sex? How long does it take for pheros to fade from skin? Will it affect my milk production? Im willing to buy different pheros to get different results. 1 for sex (I mean I want one that is going to drive him insane) 1 to make him nicer to me Or a safe combo for both. 1 to relax me at other times so I'm not always upset 1 to help milk production if one exists All need to not have affect kids or milk or baby girl. Or if they do let me know so im not using it around kids. Thanks everyone! Hoping this will save us.
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