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  1. I've noticed it with LFN & Leather. I never wear BI or Dom, so I can't comment on those. I get it big time with LFN, specifically in oil for some reason.
  2. Fun! Off to have a listen before bed. Thanks Mara!
  3. I'm still waiting to order my NRs! I've had to buy a few things for the house, and pay for annoying things like oil changes and groceries and cat fud and bills and the mortgage... hopefully I'll be able to put my order in soon! I'm dying to try Living Doll! And I really need bottles of Hush, Savage Beast, Rooster and (another) Sugared Honeycomb. Ugh. So many others I'd love to cram into my next order, but they'll have to wait. Bah. I need a money fairy.
  4. Thinking about a women's sampler, along with FBs of Savage Beast, Hush, Rooster, Sugared Honeycomb and Manda Panda. Maybe. I'm still shuffling things in and out of my cart. 🤔
  5. This is one of those scents that makes me feel like I need ALL the bottles. I remember asking if the scent of Manda Panda was at all similar to Stealing Heaven, and someone - I think Luna? - said it was a little bit similar. It's definitely similar enough that I literally want ALL the bottles. All of them. OMG. Not only is the scent absolutely perfect - a little fruity, but not fruit punchy, more in a "dry" way, which I'm going to attribute to the bamboo - I think I might actually be diggin' Mega Watt, too. I'm sad that I waited so long to try it, because I suspect some of you got bottles that
  6. Sogni Incantati!!! 😲 WOOHOO!!! These look so fun! I can't wait! 🤠
  7. 😂 So funny when stuff like this happens! I've grabbed and slathered the wrong bottle a few times and it's always hilarious when I figure out why dudes are acting so strangely!
  8. Sorry. I wasn't trying to push for the release date. I'm just stunned by how I keep losing track of the date! I'm looking forward to them whenever they're ready. I was about to make an order, but I'll wait for new releases. Woot! 🥳
  9. When I saw this last night I thought, "wow, she really thinks about these things FAR in advance!". 😐 WTF 🧠? It's THIS MONTH, (isn'tit?). Derp. Quarantine Brain. 🙄
  10. That's a fabulous compliment! I love it!
  11. Just 'cause I'm passing through, I'm gonna cast votes for Wild Cherry and Odalisk virgin.
  12. Super for Men always gets me. Good stuff. I'm not sure what the phero is in that one. 🤔
  13. Treasured Hearts makes BF want to cook for me. 😄 So weird. I should wear it more often.
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