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  1. Thank you! I was wondering because I accidentally got it all over my clothes and hair right before work. 😄
  2. I always forget if this is "hair safe". Anyone know? 😬
  3. It's been months since I've ordered, so I'm getting the last 2 samplers for sure. And I need more Sugared Honeycomb. I'm super-itching for a bottle of Rooster! 🐓 I was planning to get Hush and Savage Beast, but I think I missed the boat on those two, sadly. 😕
  4. I can't decide which is most squee-worthy, creamy lavender, creamy Jasmine or coconuts, coconuts coconuts 🥥 😋
  5. What a great idea! I love this theme! It's nice seeing the faces of the ones who perform all the magic! 😃
  6. Personally, I'd steer clear of the cops, too. Cops require a female present, if I recall correctly 🤔. (Someone correct me if I'm wrong). They cause men to view any women present as generally more attractive, which would give me pause on the off chance that he opens the package with a bunch of female friends there. Mainly my thinking is that you'd be wasting perfectly good cops, since you're not there to stimulate his attraction. But the idea to sleep in a tshirt and then send it is a good one. Your own pheromones would be enough. Have you read abput the tshirt/pheromone experiment? It's been a while since I read it, so I can't remember all of it, but worth a read if you haven't already. My hazy recall is telling me you're on the right track.
  7. I've noticed it with LFN & Leather. I never wear BI or Dom, so I can't comment on those. I get it big time with LFN, specifically in oil for some reason.
  8. Fun! Off to have a listen before bed. Thanks Mara!
  9. I'm still waiting to order my NRs! I've had to buy a few things for the house, and pay for annoying things like oil changes and groceries and cat fud and bills and the mortgage... hopefully I'll be able to put my order in soon! I'm dying to try Living Doll! And I really need bottles of Hush, Savage Beast, Rooster and (another) Sugared Honeycomb. Ugh. So many others I'd love to cram into my next order, but they'll have to wait. Bah. I need a money fairy.
  10. Thinking about a women's sampler, along with FBs of Savage Beast, Hush, Rooster, Sugared Honeycomb and Manda Panda. Maybe. I'm still shuffling things in and out of my cart. 🤔
  11. This is one of those scents that makes me feel like I need ALL the bottles. I remember asking if the scent of Manda Panda was at all similar to Stealing Heaven, and someone - I think Luna? - said it was a little bit similar. It's definitely similar enough that I literally want ALL the bottles. All of them. OMG. Not only is the scent absolutely perfect - a little fruity, but not fruit punchy, more in a "dry" way, which I'm going to attribute to the bamboo - I think I might actually be diggin' Mega Watt, too. I'm sad that I waited so long to try it, because I suspect some of you got bottles that I really rather would have gone to me! Anyway, I suspect I'll be wearing Manda Panda a lot soon, because it's just gorgeous. It wears surprisingly smoothly on me, and the citrusy business is sticking around, too. Love, love, love. ❤️ This is my first time wearing Mega Watt, but so far, so good! I definitely felt a little lift in energy, and even felt a little woozy for a few minutes. While I could easily have sat back on the sofa and watched something engrossing on my computer, I actually got up and got started on a job that I've been avoiding for weeks, AND, the job is almost done! Maybe it doesn't sound like a ringing endorsement, like, "gee, you got up and did something, big deal". I know. But I have serious issues with motivation and procrastination, so the fact that I actually got up to start the job in the first place is a freakin' miracle, but the fact that it's almost done blows my mind! Yeah, I took a couple of breaks, 'cause it's a boring job, but I got right back to it, and now all that's left to do is to pack up the bag I stuck all the garbage in, & put it in the truck to take it to the dump. However, given that it's -16C where I am right now, I think I'll wait until morning when it's a balmier -11 or something, because I hate it when my nostrils stick together.
  12. Sogni Incantati!!! 😲 WOOHOO!!! These look so fun! I can't wait! 🤠
  13. 😂 So funny when stuff like this happens! I've grabbed and slathered the wrong bottle a few times and it's always hilarious when I figure out why dudes are acting so strangely!
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