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  1. It’s hereeeeee! 🤩 My first whiff after the initial roll on is—a watermelon jolly rancher had a baby with a pink starburst! It’s this burst of fruity but just enough tart and sweet. As time goes on, I get the musk coming through the fruitiness. I feel like the musk w/ luscious fruits takes it up a notch to a sophisticated pink girly girl vibe and balances it out. I really like this! It’s very bright, playful and exudes summer feels.
  2. I can’t wait to review this tomorrow!! It should be coming in the mail and I’m a sucker for pink scents! 🤗 All of the ingredients are right up my alley too! Thank you @luna65 for giving us that really detailed scent breakdown.
  3. Hello everyone! Newbie here 😊 I read up on a lot of reviews about this one before I purchased it (I was so undecided trying to choose btw Red Lace/LP Red) but I was still BLOWN AWAY!! This blend is sooo unique, seductive and incredibly decadent!!! On me it’s a juicy ripened apricot dripping w/ ambered honey, dashed in cinnamon then wrapped in the sexiest hug of vanilla w/ just the slightest touch of patchouli—which on me reads sultry, powdery and floral. It smells absolutely divine and incredible. I am hooked and a forever stan! I need this by the liter no, by the gallon lol. Whenever I have my next errand day I know this one is going to have everyone shooketh!
  4. Hello! Newbie here ☺️ I just got this in and couldn’t wait to try it out. I put some on my wrist and was met with a delicious swirl of spun sugar, whipped vanilla clouds, luscious berries and fluffy cotton candy. This totally exceeded my expectations!! It smells beyond good. I’m ordering the full size ASAP. I can’t wait to test it while going about my day.
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