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  1. BI LFM Cuddle Bunny Occo Daily when not working. Just a smidge to put a bounce in my step
  2. It's more like Sugared Melons than Night of the Fae to me. Absolutely slurpalicious!!!!
  3. If there is any left I would be so grateful if someone doesn't end up getting a bottle or doesn't care for it! Let me know!
  4. I wore this to a practice meeting today and was astounded. I had already tested it before in my office and two male clinicians would not leave for anything. They both sat down and wanted to talk to me. They each stayed about an hour after work. This was remarkable because they are each very business like and keep to themselves. This was in a marked contrast. Today in the meeting we had a guest speaker. He addressed me directly the entire meeting, showed me deference and asked three times if we had met before. He worked to keep eye contact with me the whole time. At the end of the meeting the p
  5. This one is snuggly and beautiful and the phero is WONDERFUL for self effects. I have been having issues with anxiety and this makes it go right away! Much more effective for this than tranquility potion (which I still love).
  6. Dream order!! Would include a beta spray of sugared pomegranates amped with treasured hearts for my daughter, who used all the other one I gave her, a beta spray of LFM, samples of the months I missed when I had no money, and bubble bath in tons of scents!!
  7. I second the Blue Bunny, this is a combo I wear frequently and adore!!
  8. Haven't checked my rank in awhile! Deliciously WIcked!! I haven't been wicked in WAY too long!!
  9. Gonna hit is hard next month and may do a full set. This month I am thinking shrunken heads and phantom breath
  10. It is so close to the wax melts it is difficult to find anything else to say! You will ADORE if you love them. I want to nuzzle myself! Three compliments so fare at work today and nobody here likes anything!!
  11. LOVE my Voctoria's Rose Cookies. I might need it amped with LAM or BAM. Or both!
  12. I am obsessed with Glistening Buttons. I want to wear it all the time. My trial vial is almost gone and my bottle is not here yet. May have to order another bottle.
  13. Finished the whole bowl my dear!! I am ROCKING Rosebuds Pumpalicious. Did you ever try it? I think I have used a quarter bottle this week. I need new releases quick before I use it all! Need to exercise tomorrow to make up for the huge salad too!!!
  14. Keep it up Katz!!I am drinking wine anxiously awaiting the rest of the reviews. If you don't hurry I will blame you for my hangover!
  15. Don't cry Mara, I guess it is all part of healing. I am just not very good at it!
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