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LILU w/ Sexpionage

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TUBEROSE ~ Dangerous pleasure. Excitement, sensuality.
CHOCOLATE/COCOA ~ Lightens emotions, evokes feelings of love.
OUD (Agarwood) ~ Love, aphrodisia, spirituality, health.
LABDANUM ~ One of the oldest known perfume ingredients. Considered holy, used in tribute, and as a sense-memory tool to stimulate the subconscious. Said to revive long forgotten memories and feelings.
HONEY ~ Enticing, seductive; use to bewitch a straying or hesitant lover. Happiness, fulfillment.
VANILLA ~ Aphrodisiac, inspires happiness, playfulness, sexual arousal, lust, vitalizing.

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  • luna65 changed the title to LILU w/ Sexpionage
  • 2 weeks later...

I fell asleep not long after applying this one, so I’ll have to revisit for another impression, but I have to say that it’s next-morning impression is both comforting and haunting. It makes me want to skip my morning shower. If I re-read the notes, they’re all still there, but I’d never pick them out without clues. It’s now soft but not powdery or sheer, the Tuberose and honey are keeping the chocolate and resins deep, sultry, lush. Lilu’s morning-after scent is like cuddling after really good sex. 
If this scent lingered in a bedroom after you left, he wouldn’t wash that pillowcase until he was sure you’d be coming back for another visit. Otherwise, it’s too good to let go. 


ETA (one day later)

After showering this morning, I still get hints of Lilu after two applications yesterday. I know I'm going to order a FB, but how will I know what else goes in my next order when I cannot step away from Lilu for long? :CHUBBY~214: :moneyfairy13:

Eleven new trials to investigate, plus my man's 10, and I'm huffing the leftovers again. This will be hard.

 ...Must ... force ... myself ... away...from ... Lilu.... :A002:


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Whew, this one is BOLD!  When Mara described it to me I lost my mind a little bit because the thought of tuberose and dark chocolate just made me :hubbahubba:.


That oud is really potent, but it's the kind of scent where you would really expect the resins to be powerful.  The bakhoor gives it an incense-y impression to me.  After a time I get sort of a floral impression but I think I'm going to have to let this age a while, and hopefully the oud will calm down a little.


ETA: in the long drydown I get a little of the sweetness, but this is primarily a somewhat floral resinous scent on me, at least right now.

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My experience with Lilu is similar to @luna65. It starts out almost all oud and then settles in to have a slight sweetness.  I'm not getting any tuberose tonight, but possibly a little honey poking through as it melds with my skin. I am going to try it again in a few days to see if it changes at all. I was looking forward to the dark chocolate, but it still smells good how it's wearing now.

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1 hour ago, Eve said:

I almost got this, after reading reviews, maybe I should?  I need updates. 

Well, I have never, ever, ever, worn a trial three days in a row. So, my opinion, it is that good. But it it intense, I can still smell it on my skin the next day after showering. Of course, everyone's skin is different. I  feel like that the honey and chocolate combo here is one you would like, it's not dry like cocoa or bitter like some dark chocolate, even though description says dark chocolate. I think you should get a trial. It's powerful and sexy, and I'm not saying it smells like Sophia's Soliloquy of Lady Macbeth or Jenna's Domina Venus, but it has that kind of adult smutty presence. I know that if I ever want to tame it a bit I could add a little Tuberose Fairy Cake, but that might not happen for a long time. It will absolutely be in my next order.

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@luna65I asked, because there was some confusion when ordering from the shop. I’d used Messenger to reach them, hoping to add a bottle of Lilu in with  an order I’d already placed. 


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Tonight was the third time trying LILU.  It is still all oud and labdanum on me with just a slight hint of sweetness.   It covers the sexpionage perfectly.  Next time I wear it I am going to try blending it with something that has chocolate and honey so I can smell them with the resins. 

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  • 2 months later...

Okay.... first of all, I read back through what I previously posted about this, and to clarify, I did not go full bottle “unstuffed” I got it un-sniffed.  Good god, I not only can’t type, apparently I fall down pretty regularly on the job when it comes to proofreading what I’ve written. 

Now on to my experience with it...  At first I loved it, so I kept adding more.  Which was a mistake.  It blossomed and grew into this tuberose monster.  It was so bad.  Mostly because I over applied, and to make matters worse, this was as I was unwrapping my goodies that’d just arrived after traveling from west coast to east, and it’d had no chance to settle.  No matter how much I scrubbed, the scent was overpowering.


I put it aside. In fact,  I told @Eastwood22if she was interested I’d send it to her.... but I didn’t,  as I’ve still not ventured to the  post office—and no excuse because I’m fully vaccinated. 

Fast forward to today.  I was rummaging through my overflow box of perfumes.  Happily I discovered three virgin bottle of Wild Cherry that still had a few visible drops remaining in them. Drops amounting to less than a sniffie bottle, but I was  thrilled nevertheless.  

Lilu was in there, and I set it aside again , for Eastwood, as I continued to explore what was down further in the  box, and next pulled out a bottle of OCCO Mocha that I’d forgotten completely about.

Then, feeling daring, I thought I’d try Lilu again.  I dabbed a teensy tiny bit inside the crook of my elbow.  I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t swoon either. A little while  later, it seemed like a good idea to apply some OCCO Mocha on top.  Why not, right?

It currently smells fantastic. Never would’ve thought to pair them, and of course that’s a heavy load of cops.... but, I’m hopeful that I can wear Lilu after all.  I don’t think I have another fragrance that has Sexpionage in it. 

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Yay! I believe in you, @Eve! I bet you will love it soon enough. I'm here for you, and Lilu, however it all works out!

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