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  1. I wish you the Best. Do something outragious today. And don't forget how special u r.
  2. we are rockin' some "holly holy" Neil Diamond. I had no idea Mara was a Neil fan.
  3. Le Wizard

    Hey Ladies!

    We are kickin butt today. Mara is programing, programing, programing. I am rockin' on filling bottles and labeling. Some of u have noticed the private editions are up. Pheromones will be up next and then the new editions. Hope you ladies have an incredible Sunday. Love 2 chat, so let's hear from ya. Peace. Le Wizard
  4. Le Wizard

    I am here

    We're brewing up a 2009 version of "Excalibur". A twenty year old bottle of Egyptian sandalwood refused to come open. It ripped a hole in Mara's hand trying 2 open it. I finally got it open with a piece of bubble wrap. Who knew the many uses of bubble wrap. I was going 2 try duct tape next.
  5. Le Wizard

    I am here

    Who am I? That's a good question. I am a musician friend of Mara's. We played together way back in the early 90's. I moved to Seattle and have finally returned to So Cal. I am thrilled to be back. Mara is amazing and I love working with her...it is my first day however. Let u know how that goes. LOL
  6. Le Wizard

    I am here

    Dolly, u told Mara 2 make the magnet "good and stinky". I can verify...it is both!
  7. Le Wizard

    I am here

    Thx everyone 4 welcoming me to the LP family.
  8. Le Wizard

    I am here

    I thank you Katz, I will be checking my drinks when ms. Sinister is around. lol
  9. Le Wizard

    I am here

    Hey everyone, Le Wizard here, I am glad to finally be here. I am excited 2 be apart of the LP community. I look forward to talking with u lovely peeps. I brought Dana a starbucks coffee...but she was nowhere 2 b found...so i drank it....mmmm...white chocolate mocha...my fave. Peace.
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