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  1. I am sitting here in awe at the brilliance that is the Potion Master. I am sitting right next to her and I still marvel at the talent and creativity that this magician possesses. How she is able to come up with so many unique and stylish creations month after month is truly astounding. She is my HERO! 3 cheers for the PotionMaster!!! Hip-Hip-Hooray! Hip-Hip-Hooray! Hip-Hip-Hooray!
  2. Decided to go with an old favorite today. I had forgotten how green this one smelled. I truly love the aquatic-green nature of it. It gives me a clean feeling and reminds of laying in fresh cut grass near the ocean.
  3. NOM lookit the adorable cupcake label!! Is a lavender-scented vanilla cupcake with maple frosting. I have been bit hung up on foody lavender lately Yum Yum!
  4. I really wanted this scent to feel like you were in the middle of a field of wildflowers lying on your back looking up into the sky with butterflies flying all around and up above. This scent came together really well and I have heard great comments from friends of my wife re: the aroma of beautiful flowers and the smiles and conversation it has created. I only wish I would have made more.
  5. I am really happy that so many people have enjoyed this one. My wife has called it her favorite of the scents I've created. The orchid does really come out strong at first but then blends in later. The vanilla comes out a bit after awhile and blends nicely with the other florals. I am a big fan of orchids and wanted something specifically for our orchid fans out there. I am thrilled that it turned out close to how I envisioned it.
  6. I tried the 'Nox'/true confessions' wax melt last night. I must say that I had a very enjoyable evening with my honey. We had stimulating convo and enjoyed a movie together. She was a huge fan of the Blackberry scent. 2 BIG thumbs up! :angelstar-kaos058:
  7. I love the smell of Voracious and so does my wife. It really has it goin' on!
  8. I am buying a surf board tomorrow and learning how to surf. My beach bunny can't wait to see me out on the waves hanging 10! Will be slathering this one on until reality meets fantasy. The Beach Bunny and The Surfer Dude For your own version of the classic boy-meets-girl on a surfboard: lush Hawaiian Plumeria blended with sweet coconut cream mingles with the scent of the sea, as recreated by sea moss and hand-tinctured seaweed…a tropical fruity floral perfect for a sandy assignation.
  9. Looking forward to trying this one out with my little woodland nymph. There will be no escape! The Hunter and The Woodland Nymph (for him) A merry chase in pursuit of a mystical creature or a proud hunter caught in his own trap? Either way, here is the scent which will take you there: an enchanted forest of Sweet Pine, Chypre, and leafy greens grounded by Indian and African ambers, then made deeply lusty with Black Vanilla paste, spice, and an outrageous bounty of animalic musk accords (Muskaro, Mink and Muskrat) as well as Indian and Egyptian musk.
  10. Welcome to the wonderful world of Love Potion; where dreams come true, fantasy turns to reality and lives are forever changed! I am LeWizard and I am an LP addict too!
  11. Le Wizard

    Seven Tears

    I was packing orders and needed to fill a vial of Seven Tears; apparently I forgot how great it smelled because I caught a whiff of it and it really blew me away. I think I have found my new fave. Nice surprise today! I highly recommend it for both the ladies and the gents. Man I love working here! :banana054:
  12. Decided to try some Voracious out on the honey on Friday night after work. Spritzed myself generously before picking her up after work. Immediately I hear..."you smell so good!" It didn't take long for the effects to work. It took everything I had to keep my car in my lane on the way home because her tongue was in my ear and her hands were well...everywhere else! I thought of pulling over but dared not try in LA rush hour. Made it home and that's when the gloves came off (and everything else). The only thing that I forgot to remove was my glasses. They unfortunately didn't survive the passionate mashing that ensued. They now need to be replaced but I can tell you one thing for sure...the 'Voracious' will not be. A most memorable Friday night indeed. A definite ***** stars for 'Voracious'. Next time I'll remember to wear my contacts before spritzing!
  13. Le Wizard


    Welcome Chrisy!
  14. Mara is truly amazing! I can't wait until she returns to LP headquarters. She is one of the most generous people I have ever met. I feel very blessed to have found my way back to LP earlier this year.
  15. D, I just wanted you to know that I am thinking about you and sending you loving thoughts in this difficult time. You are a phenominal person who is loved by many. Please know that I'll be praying for you and your family. Be blessed, John
  16. Le Wizard


    Hi Isa, Hope you enjoy your day. Welcome! LeWizard
  17. Hi Sugar, Nice to see you've finally arrived. Thanks for coming on board. You rock! LeWizard.
  18. Crafted of Black Amber from India - (not foody!) - plus brown sugar (yes, foody!) It's dark and mean and loud and wild! Not like Rocket Fuel. Not like LP Black.
  19. Le Wizard

    I am here

    I love Alaska. I was up in Anchorage in '07. Drove through Denali to Fairbanks. I got some amazing pics. I loved seeing all the mooses wandering around Anchorage. Can't wait to go back in the summer. Was only there for a few weeks. Not long enough.
  20. Le Wizard

    I am here

    I am truly enjoying this. I must admit just spending time with my good friend Mara is my reward. Meeting you all is a great bonus as well.
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