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  1. Good to see you, SB! You last redeemed at 1900 posts.
  2. NEWSBREAK!: We should have DHEAS in hand within the next two days, which means Topper, La Femme and the lone molecule will be back in the cart at that time.
  3. For the the Mystery Blends; I would have loved a hand with knives for fingers...wah ha ha ha...(Vincent Price laughing)
  4. I wanna Stalk! (stalk)! I wanna Stalk! (stalk)! I wanna Stalk! (stalk)!
  5. Looks like my prom date back in '84! She was precious too! and a little touched perhaps...but she asked so nicely.
  6. I sure do miss Luna! Mara is by far the most amazing artist I've ever met! She truly ROCKS!
  7. Uh...That's right! Your PE Rocks!
  8. This is my favorite for this month! It smells awesome on me! Very clean smell! Fresh!!!
  9. We love u guys a whole bunch too! Thanks for bein' da best ever! Have a spendodious weekend!
  10. Princess V and EOSP. We'd be dangerous!!! Well, now, see--that could be the *other* side of the piano bar in the LPMP Dirigible! When does the itunes download drop?
  11. We are working our tails off to get the new releases finished and ready to rock! We have not forgotten the PE orders so please allow a little extra time to get them out to you. We are going as fast as humanly possible!
  12. I don't remember eating there but I do love Ivor's. I ate there alot when I was going to UW. So if Butt's Cafe could be Ivor's... it must have been sensational. Glad to hear someone shares my same fondness of an incredible place. My brother Matt was always hiking up in the Park and other great places in WA like Mt Ranier and Mt St Helens. I'm sure your Matt has lots of great stories from his time up there. Can't wait to go back, it's been too long. My best friend from high school is the principal at Sequim HS. He's been trying to get me to come up and ride Harleys with him for awhile. I hope I'll get to do it by next summer.
  13. I created this one to remind me of my home in Washington State. I am from the west side of the state that is full of beautiful forests. I wanted to capture the feeling of walking through the Olympic National rain forest in the NW part of the state. Early morning walk in the woods after a fresh rainfall in the upper elevations near hurricane ridge. If you get a chance you owe it to yourself to go there and see the majestic beauty for yourself. But if not...at least there's 'Moon of the Falling Leaves'... Indian for Autumn.
  14. Hi Magnanimity! Welcome to our wonderland of scents and smiles! :ladybird_Black: We are happy you have chosen to join us! I'm sure you'll fit right in with our eclectic and electric group!
  15. Meeeeee! You got em already? Those house elves are fast!
  16. Le Wizard


    I only wish I would've created this one Luna! Mara is also brilliant at these blends of greens! I absolutely love this one and am waiting for a run on it once word spreads of it's deliciousness. You can bet I will hoard a couple before it goes bye-bye.
  17. Le Wizard


    I also love this one! it keeps a nice fresh scent for many hours and the wifey loves it! I love the feeling of being out in nature. With 'Neverland' even if I can't get to a forest...I take one whiff and I'm wisked away to Neverland!
  18. Can't wait to hear the next chapter in The X-Factor of Mr. X-Game! Great review and nice story telling!
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