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  1. Hi Chocbunny - nice to have you here. I lurk often and post occasionally. Lots of interesting stuff to read and some lovely people to meet
  2. tb24

    Hi everyone

    I do that, I get them and want to try them all so put them on different parts of my arm and forget what is where. I think I should probably try one a day or at least one on each arm a day LOL.
  3. tb24

    Hi everyone

    I think it is going to have to be a monthly sample set for me, too many lovely new ones to choose from!!
  4. Welcome aboard - it is a lovely place to be. Myself, my sister and a few other UK forumites have recently joined and we are all now thoroughly addicted. Enjoy
  5. tb24

    Hi everyone

    I got my samples from Sarah yesterday - she is my sister though so I have the advantage of being able to nip round at the drop of a hat (and pinch her laptop, raid her fridge/make up draw/scrubs stash/Enchanted workroom at the same time he he!) I am loving Captivation Equation and Saturday Night Special. Midnight Cravings is definately on the list for the next order. LuSive - have you tried Cuddle Bunny scented? that is quite nice and fresh. From reading descriptions Tail might be worth a look. Garland and Lace is very Spicy (although it is gingerbread, but I just get all out spice). Spontanous Combustion is spicy too. Fresh scents like OCCO Green, OCCO Blue is very seaside to me, Spicy - OCCO Red is similar to LP Red - nice, OCCO BLack is quite dark - Might be worth trying the OCCO trial set, although then you would have Pink & White in there too?? If you don't want pheros maybe Nymph, Eye of the Storm, Evil in Carnation, LP Red, Belladonna Brew - none of those are foody or Pink.
  6. tb24

    New lurker

    Hi everyone, just a quick hello before I go back to lurking. My sister has enabled me by giving me some samples and I am loving Pure Sugar and Vamp Cafe at the moment - I'm sure there will soon be more that I love.
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