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  1. Toujours Belle is screaming my name. Sexy amber fig? Yes, please!!
  2. I love sweet pea, and this did not disappoint. First on, I got a blast of a floral outdoorsy smell, like a bright spring day. I don’t smell the hay, but I think that’s what’s giving the fresh bite, whereas the lettuce is adding a fresh, mild greeness. There’s a hint of sweetness that I think comes from the vanilla. As it wears on, I get what others have described as powdery, but it has a hint of soap of my nose, like a fine powdery soap. So perfect for spring!
  3. I love this in the vial and first on. It’s such a golden, foody honey with a hint of lemon and warmth from ginger. On me, it almost reads as a foody floral, with that wonderful clean and delicate vibe from the tea rose. But, honey tends to go wrong on me, and it did here as well. However, I fell asleep and then overslept to had to shower in a hurry, so I didn’t get to experience al the stages of this, so i’ll try again before deciding on this one. But it really is such a beautiful golden scent.
  4. BlueBear

    Amethyst Haze

    I smelled this month’s scents without reviewing the notes, and this one was truly a mystery. I had to stop and look it up! It is so seamlessly blended, I truly can’t decipher one note from the other. It is rich, floral, and elegant. I tend to amp oud but not once during the wearing of this did it rear its head. Everything stayed perfectly balanced and like Luna said, towards the end I got a really creamy soapy smell. I went to a garden party yesterday with a bunch of blue-haired southern ladies (it was an experience!!) and wore this on a whim. It was so perfect. I only wish I had worn my LFM with it! It’s early but this is in the lead for my favorite this month!
  5. BlueBear


    This is incredible. Rich and buttery and yes, like some others have commented, almost like pancake syrup on my skin. But then the heady orchid on top...omg. This is to die for!! Despite the richness, it’s still a wonderful lighter scent perfect for the spring. It melds with the skin. It’s very sexy in a languid way. I’d wear it with LFN.
  6. Pheromones helped my romantic relationship along, but to me, it sorta just amplified what was already there. There was no long term aspect of him I wanted to change, so my use is just situational. Like, if i’m in the mood and I know he’s tired and needs a little extra encouragement, Bang will do the trick. Or if I want snuggles and he’s glued to the phone, i’ll get Perfect Match or something with est. Now, it DID change my relationship with my old boss. It was not a good place for me, and sometimes my boss was just plain awful. She asserted her dominance in strange and sometimes mean ways. I decided to show her that i wasn’t going to be walked all over, So I started wearing Leather to meetings. Occasionally Dom or Intellectual Man with cops (someone had that made and I scooped it up on the trading board), but I usually stuck with Leather to be consistent. I kept my demeanor polite but no-nonsense. I kid you not, she morphed into another person. At first she was hesitant, like, “i don’t Know what to think of you.” But after awhile, we kinda settled into a relationship of equals. I mean, obviously she was my boss and I deferred to her, but she stopped all the power plays. Eventually (maybe six months?nine months?) I stopped the phero but she continued react as if I were. I no longer work there but we still keep in touch. I would never have kept in touch with the pre-phero her.
  7. Good call, Luna!’ That’s exactly it. It has the sophistication of Looking Glass with the spicy warmth of fall. It also vaguely reminds me of Karmiel’s Silken Moonlight. I think it’s sheer sweetness and vanilla that make me think of that. It’s very crisp with a creaminess from the cream. The pumpkin is there, but it’s the pure pumpkin scent, like if you cut open a pumpkin and inhaled. And that contributes to the freshness/earthiness I think. I felt like i’d love this one, and I do, for sure. Just in a totally different way than i’d thought!!
  8. I really, really loved this!! This reminded me of a commercial scent i’ve smelled but richer, if that makes sense. I believe it’s the Musk that sets it apart. It’s just present enough to make this seem as if the fragrance is emanating from the skin. Very fresh and clean. The sandalwood is not too overpowering, but it is to die for. This was borderline too masculine on my skin for my taste, but I couldn’t stop sniffing it, so i’ll Definitely continue wearing it. Maybe I can get some on the Marine!
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