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  1. fortune cookie?? :: dies :: This may be dangerous... i may end up chewing on my wrists.
  2. I just got my sample of phero girl and am kicking myself for not ordering a sample of super. I should have just got them at the same time. Im seeing if there is anything else I need to try right now, i hate doing small orders. I feel bad im just broke right now and need a small gift to cheer myself up. Bad night.
  3. love potion pink sounded right up my alley. ill look into the notes for black. I received a sample of love potion #9 that im waiting for a special day to try out. I also got suggared forrest which smells great but im not into green scents. I should get up and put some love potion red on. Its such a comforting scent and it sticks to me all day. I put it on at 530am and i got home at 9pm and could still smell it. never had a perfume with that staying power. <3 <3 <3
  4. Hi everyone! Im Dani and im a new addict. The lovely bpal/lush girls mentioned this site so I ordered a sample of love potion red and was instantly addicted. Best smelling thing on me ever. Havent tested it out around the male species yet but I WANT ME and thats a good sign. It smells amazing on me and didnt turn to powder like most everything does. I shall be ordering a full size and some more samples soon. :: waves ::
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